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Basha Real Estate

Committed to building long-term wealth and improving communities through commercial real estate investing.

Why Real Estate

Cash Flow

Regular cash flow covering all expenses paid by tenants, which provides you with an income stream.


Real estate historically appreciates in value with inflation.

Tax Benefits

Real estate provides tax write-offs from ordinary income, which minimizes your tax bill and maximizes your profit.


You can buy more real estate with fewer dollars – typically 3x.


Tenants pay rent which pays down loan principal resulting in increases in equity and building long-term wealth.


Real estate historically outperformed every other asset class, including the stock market.

Our Process


BRE analyses investment opportunities through its underwriting process to find the best deals. It then negotiates, finances, and purchases the property.


After BRE acquires the property, it partners with investors who then become owners in the property.

Cash Flow

BRE then leases space in the property to tenants, who pay rent. After expenses are paid, investors receive quarterly distributions from the remaining rental income.


Once BRE either sells or refinances the property, investors recuperate their principal investment and receive any additional profit distributions.