From a very young age, Dallas discovered his passion for real estate. As a child, Dallas had the privilege of witnessing his father, an engineer, develop and build neighborhoods. The idea of helping and building communities for others sparked Dallas’ love for the industry.

Dallas not only saw the positive impact real estate had on these communities, but the real estate owners themselves. He quickly learned how real estate is the single best way to create generational wealth. Dallas also observed the barriers to entry for the majority of people to get involved.

Not only do you need the expertise and team to execute, but you need the most critical component – time. Dallas saw the gap between those he knew who wanted to invest in real estate and their inability to find the time to dedicate towards this massive wealth builder. Dallas started Basha Real Estate to bridge the gap between investors and real estate.

Basha Real Estate is committed to building long-term wealth and improving communities through commercial real estate investing.






“Committed to positively impacting our neighborhoods by providing housing, jobs, and new businesses.”

– Dallas Basha 

Our Mission

Build The Best Communities For People While Creating Wealth For Investors.

The Founder

Dallas Basha