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School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University, Researcher, News Editor, BMJ Tobacco Control. Croakey provides snappy, expert views on the whole spectrum of public health issues, from equity to efficiency, from determinants to prevention to management. But Irving said it also contained important lessons for health care professionals. I love the context and clarity that Croakey's contributors bring to very complex issues. Croakey is health media rather than medical media. Croakey is the platform where health issues are dissected from every angle – from the complex impact on health arising from social, economic and environmental policies, to the influence of vested interests on public health, and insightful analysis of health care policies. Clare Fletcher “Archie Roach: 'You can reach the darkest point in our life and come back, and come good'”, “Archie Roach on the healing power of song: 'Music was great therapy for me'”,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. “I’ve learnt an enormous amount.”. Chief Health Officer, Assistant Director General, Public Health, WA Department of Health. Shauna Hurley
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James Cook University, Cairns. Dr Rosemary Stanton OAM Irving told a story about how Archie’s older sister had come to visit him in hospital, but he had been moved to another bed. public health journalist, Croakey founder, PhD candidate. And yourself as well.” Roach frequently slips into the second person, talking about “yourself” when he’s actually referring to himself, preserving a kind of distance. While he was recovering, his manager, Jill Shelton, got a feeling that something else was wrong. And it wasn’t [because of] coughing, it was just a feeling that something else might have been happening.”. In 1991, "Took the Children Away" won Roach the Human Rights Achievement Award, the first time that the award had been bestowed on a songwriter. “I mention this because I’ve spent time talking to Archie. Archie replied: “At first, I didn’t think so because I still have problems …I deal with it, I manage it as best I can. Sadly there are very recent concerns that even a high profile doesn’t assure proper treatment for Aboriginal people, with a complaint now lodged about the recent experience of Gurrumul Yunupingu, another renowned Indigenous musician, at the Royal Darwin Hospital. Everytime I sing it, it lets a little bit go.”. • Tell Me Why by Archie Roach is out now through Simon & Schuster. Croakey has also taken a leadership role in developing a strong presence in social media, an important development for primary care in stimulating community-based approaches to health. In other words, you call BS on those with self interest. Archie Roach, AM (born January 8, 1956) is an Australian musician. Then, as he left the stage, the applause began: “It started slowly and then it came down hard. Archie said he didn’t come across prejudice that much in hospital himself, but his concern was what happens to other Aboriginal people who don’t have his profile. First, as Archie detailed in this story in The Saturday Paper, he had a stroke: he was in the Kimberley doing workshops for children, when he got up one morning, fell over and couldn’t move. The broad mix of contributors, topics and prolific tweets combine to make it a valuable and lively source of news and food for thought for all Australians. “I don’t know why. Archie said he gets a lot of hope through his music, particularly when he goes out to schools and later gets letters from little kids “about how they feel about things that have happened to us as First Peoples”. It delivers views and information on a wide range of issues of relevance to rural and remote health and wellbeing. It hasn’t been an easy journey coming through cancer, recovering from the operation, recovering mentally, physically, spiritually, which were all conflicting with each other. We pick up on those things.”, Irving invited the audience to contribute their thoughts about cultural and other factors that create barriers for health care workers in understanding Indigenous people or that leave Indigenous people feeling disempowered in the health care system, under pressure to “do what the system wants you to do.”. From a crowded inbox, Croakey always leaps to my attention. I don’t even like the word. Mitchell Ward Croakey provides a platform for robust, respectful and inclusive debate on the health issues that really matter. [Music] gives a lot of young people who can’t express themselves in any other way – which is probably why they’re in the youth justice system in the first place – it gives them a voice. Looking at the slide (above) that formed the backdrop to the discussion, Joe Tooma from the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation pointed out how important the last words, ‘maintaining hope’, are in the whole cancer journey. Croakey - Australia's healthiest news-site! We connect, collaborate, and evolve. “Still I chose to ignore it, (thought) it’ll be right, give it a couple of days, it’ll come good.”. Shadow Minister for Health. Croakey cuts through health care professional and organisational interests with edgy critiques about the diverse communities they are there for. Professor of Public Health, Flinders University. Michael Moore Professor Sharon Friel The term “stolen generations” didn’t exist in the popular consciousness back then, and Roach, a shy man, was uncomfortable being a spokesman for them. “I’d never talked about them before, and I was able to do that, so I was able to let that go.”, He also wanted to acknowledge their pain. Last modified on Tue 4 Feb 2020 05.25 GMT. The Coxes were told that Archie’s birth parents had died in a house fire. Track the conference coverage here. But there was also more to it: “It’s good to use those words ‘mum’ and ‘dad’, they’re very powerful words when you’re a stolen kid. If you care about a public health issue, or want others to care, get it online and get it on Croakey. I’m able to hold on and see the light in the darkness. On that occasion, too, the crowd had been left stunned and weeping. Jennifer Doggett Deputy Director, Public Health Advocacy Institute WA. But Tell Me Why is also a love story for Roach’s partner Ruby Hunter, who died in 2010. President, Australian Health Promotion Association. Irving admitted he didn’t know who Archie Roach was when they first met in a hospital consulting room in 2011. Sophie Benjamin Jason Trethowan Each moment is important.

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