In 1904, after a brief romance, he married one of the heiresses to the Golden Square Mile in Montreal, Marguerite Claire Stephens (d.1935), daughter of The Hon. More, it appeared to tell the story of the birth of their child, a daughter named Ji-Yeon (which means either ”delay” or ”flower of wisdom”), and how Jin missed the blessed event because of a comic episode involving his frustrated quest to buy a giant stuffed panda. (“Meet Kevin Johnson”). 30 essential albums from the last 30 years. [1], Although successful, Gault took little interest in business, preferring physical adventure and the military life. He beat the would-be deserters with his fists, telling the other crewmembers that he was doing so to save their lives, reminding them of the fates of George Minkowski and Brandon, who had earlier made an ill-fated voyage in the ship’s tender and died of the effects of time-transported consciousness. According to Wikipedia, Captain Gault is a ”captain for hire” who is ”highly placed in a secret society….In general, he reveals himself to have surprising reservoirs of specialized knowledge. [7], By the end of August 1914, after ten days of recruiting, the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry was a regiment 1,098 strong; only fifty of these had not seen action in the Boer Wars or with the British Army. Recalled to active duty in the Second World War, he served on staff with the Canadian Army in England. Back on point after last week’s subpar Juliet-centric episode, ”Ji-Yeon” had me dabbing my eyes repeatedly. He rejoined the battalion on 27 April 1915 shortly before Lt.-Col. Buller was wounded: The leadership of Major Gault did much to … [8] Its first commanding officer, Lt.-Col. Francis Farquhar, who had been instrumental with Gault in organizing the regiment, was killed at St. Eloi (1915) in their first action. In general, he reveals himself to have surprising reservoirs of specialized knowledge. He was appointed by His Majesty the King, Consul-General for Sweden in Canada, 1909–1911; and a member of the council for the Montreal Board of Trade, 1911–1913. When they arrived, Sayid, who was being held in sickbay, requested to talk to the captain as well, but Omar discounted Sayid's request., Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License. Sayid asked Captain Gault to give him the freighter's zodiac raft so that he could start ferrying his fellow survivors from the island to the freighter. Her daughter, Margaret Patricia Blackader (1913–2002), became his ward. Gault died at Mont Saint-Hilaire on 28 November 1958, without issue by either wife. But the beautiful moment came when he said he would follow her to Locke’s camp — this, from the man who just a couple months ago in Lost time demanded his wife obediently trot after him. Underscoring these solar associations, the name Buchis was sometimes interpreted in Egyptian as bakhu, ‘the Eastern one’ (the rising sun), as well as ba-akh, ‘shining (or beneficent) soul (or manifestation)’. Captain Gault is the captain of the Kahana - a freighter carrying a team of people who are looking for the island. On top of that, someone was sabotaging the freighter. He lost to the Liberal candidate by a narrow margin of 1,255 votes. Frank Lapidus, a pilot, took three team members to the island and returned with Desmond Hume and Sayid Jarrah. Hatch Court in Somerset today houses a small museum commemorating Gault's military career. Captain Gault leads into a plot to smuggle a cargo of rifles directly under the watchful eye of customs. I loved this scene. ("Meet Kevin Johnson"). To recap, they are Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Aaron, and Sun. He’s gonna bite it in the unfolding Island story. Captain Gault had a lot to deal with - some crew members were suffering from what the captain referred to as "severe cabin fever" due to the proximity of the island. Captain Gault seems to be a captain for hire, and operates a different ship in each of the stories. A bronze memorial plaque was placed in the floor of the south aisle of Hatch Beauchamp Church by his widow, part of the inscription on which is as follows: "1882-1958. Lieutenant Hugh Niven remarked in hindsight: "With Hamilton Gault there, nobody could think of retiring... Nobody knows why, but it gave everyone a tremendous lot of courage that nobody else in the world could give to the other regiments".[6]. That night, Gault discovered two crewmembers attempting to escape the freighter in the ship’s tender. Captain Gault is revealed to be a member of a secret society. Now, I know what some of you are saying: Aaron can’t be a member of the Oceanic 6 because he wasn’t born prior to the crash and therefore was not technically an Oceanic 815 passenger. Season: 4, Episodes: 3, Faction: Freighter Overview Captain Gault was the Australian captain of the freighter Kahana. >: 4-8-15-16-23-42 [EXECUTE] The complete mythological deconstruction to the critically acclaimed occult television series. He returned to Canada and his Canadian home at Mont Saint-Hilaire in Quebec in 1944. Connections. At his own expense, he raised the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, the last privately raised regiment in the British Empire. The Orangery at Hatch Court served as a trophy room for all Gault's hunting trophies. A woman who shares the name of Sayid’s Iraqi sweetheart, Nadia. Allan Trautman plays the Dr. Chang puppet on Lost Untangled, a web video series created by ABC to help explain the plot of the show. This story about the nerve-wracking smuggling of the famed Mona Lisa. It is revealed that Captain Gault has a talent for painting. The helicopter, having gone to the Island on a mission, returned with a badly wounded crew member, Mayhew.

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