If anyone feels I missed something, I'm willing to listen. I tried and tried, but I couldn't come up with one. He got feet down below his knees - stands on his own two feet, bows a knee to no man or thing. He explained: The thing was created in the studio. John was an emotional hipster, George was cool, calm and collected. It's gobbledygook; 'Come Together' was an expression that Leary had come up with for his attempt at being president or whatever he wanted to be, and he asked me to write a campaign song. "Flat-Top" makes reference to Ringo's bluesy musical roots and the disparaging stereotype that was often applied to those that played that style of music. To be close to , or to 'hold him in your arm...' was to know the real John, where one could 'feel his disease'. That he saves his harshest criticism for Paul to end the song speaks volumes. ‘Dream A Little Dream’: Cass Elliot Proves She’s More Than A Mama, ‘Strawberry Letter 23’: A Brothers Johnson And Quincy Jones Masterpiece, ‘I Second That Emotion’: Smokey Robinson Shops Around For A Hit Lyric, ‘Keith Urban’: A Self-Titled, Turn-Of-The-Millennium Country Breakthrough, ‘Hot In The Shade’: How KISS Coolly Asserted Their Rock Dominance, Listen To Tangerine Dream’s Previously Unreleased ‘The Night In Romania’, Urban Legends Launches New ‘Women With A Message’ Campaign, Taylor Swift To Auction Personally Inscribed Guitar For COVID-19 Relief Fund, Gordon Haskell, Ex-King Crimson Member, Belated Solo Star, Dies At 74, Dire Straits Return To UK Album Top 10 For First Time In 22 Years, ‘There Is Rock. (notwithstanding the later lyric 'the walrus was Paul' from "Glass onion") A 'sideboard' is the term used when attorneys would be called away from a trial during court for private discussion. Afterall it is the only line in the entire song using "I" as though the writer is speaking. Crying is a symptom of emotional illness. song: "Come Together", You are reaching too far, when in all reality even the artist admits that its just random splotches of paint on a canvas. I always hated ‘Come Together’! hold no actual truth to them. Leary, like Lennon, knew the power of a catchy slogan. HE SAY ONE AND ONE AND ONE IS THREE GOT TO BE GOOD LOOKING 'CAUSE HE'S SO HARD TO SEE" Well, last of the four is Paul, and this is clearly all about Paul. 'Roller coaster' refers to Paul's aggravating habit to the rest of the band by constantly changing his stated desire to either break up and move on to a solo career or to remain as a band and contue on as the 'Beatles'. Paul's antics don't upset you, you got to be joking!...You got to be a Joker to just take it and go about your business and just do what you please. Just re- look at the lyrics with this mindset and see what happens, Your interpretations are all good. He said "Let the fuckers figure this one out" and wrote The Walrus. No questions about this one, it's about John all the way: "Bad production" refers to John's increasing level of drug use and the negative effect it had on his abilty to effectivly create acceptable music with the rest of the band, and to function with the rest of the band. To give in was to be seen as being on 'your knees', but John had 'feet below his knees', so there was no way he was going to kneel(stand on his knees) and be subserviant when he could 'stand on his feet' and be the decison-maker. Come together - calling the group to unite. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. })(); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); OK, the meaning of the lyrics are actually quite clear and relevant if you know some history about the Beatles and are somewhat familiar with the idioms and slang of the era: 1st verse: "HERE COME OL' FLAT-TOP, HE COME GROOVIN' UP SLOWLY. Your email address will not be published. If you don't believe John's disdain for Paul, listen to "How do you Sleep?" Lyrics submitted by If you ever have the pleasure of shaking SPM’s hand, you’ll notice the fingers ride way up the back of your hand, and while all his fingers engulf your hand.. his middle finger can reach all the way around to your palm. Art from East Brunswick, Nj "Come Together" is a classic and a great opener for the Beatles'ABBEY ROAD album! his hair nearly touched his knees. during a weak time, George brought up the Yogi and the phrase "Come Together right now over me" is an excerpt from the script telling them to use this song to build their bonds again and unite as one. He got toe jam football - likes soccer [sport of the common man in England] Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. "Hold you in his armchair (possibly..."arms, yeah...) you can feel his disease" refers to the fact that John's tough exterior persona barely fooled anyone, as his self-loathing and self-doubt, fueled and magnified by increasingly excessive drug use began to consume him. Like all these other guessers, you make John out to be overtly egotistical and arrogant, and assume that the other three want to join him in singing insults to themselves. The term come together was part of Leary's slogan "Come together, join the party." Peace, Out! Tim Leary asked them to write a song for his campaign which was called Come Together. When John and Yoko recorded ‘Give Peace A Chance’ in their Montreal hotel room during their bed-in for peace, their second such event after their honeymoon in Amsterdam, Leary was not only part of the chorus, sat at the foot of the bed, but was even namechecked in the song’s lyric. Toe-Jam football is just a reference to bare-foot 'soccer' style football playing, the common social outdoor activity practiced by many while worshipping at the yogi's temple. None of them are exclusive. Each verse is John's view of each member. Having decided to run against Ronald Reagan for governor of California, he asked John if he’d write a song around his catchphrase “Come together – join the party”. I totally agree with Yeowza. i think the BBC also banned 'i am the walrus' too for something to do with the "pornographic priestess" part, im not too sure. Ono Sideboard just basically means that Yoko is always at his side,and is his sidekick. He basicly abandoned his 1st wife Cynthia and his 4 year old son Julian. John views himself as a self made, back breaker of a man, standing on his own two feet and bends no knee to anyone with no need of God. Over Me - subconsciously John thinks only of himself....it's all about ME. John is saying it's a good thing Paul is good looking because there is little inside him to see or worth seeing, that Paul lacks depth as a human. I've been in many head shops, never once saw a Bible. Got to be good looking 'cause he's so hard to see. The John Lennon-penned ‘Come Together’ may have been a memorable opener for Abbey Road, but it was actually one of the last songs The Beatles would begin working on. Ringo's drumming is super, George's guitar, always good but especially at the end, John's voice, Paul's aid in composing it all just blends so well together. "Ono sideboard" makes refernce to the growing distraction that the rest of the band felt Yoko Ono was having on John. John is saying that if Paul wasn't good-looking you wouldn't be able to see him for what he really is, and that Paul is only noticed because he's handsome. Oooooh, how do you sleep at night?". His enthusiastic, upbeat attitude was a major influence of the early writings of John and Paul. The subject of this verse is George. Doing a magazine interview he knows anything he says will be public, so of course he would down play class difference. And There Is Rooooooll’: Chuck Berry In 20 Quotes, ‘The Traveling Wilburys Vol 1’: The Start Of A Beautiful Journey, ‘Tears Of A Clown’: When Fortune Smiled On Smokey Robinson, ‘It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll’: The Glimmer Twins Shine On The Rolling Stones In 1974. That was an incrediable interpretation. Man, I am really digging this interpretation. sgt1pepper, you are almost right..it was the reference to "knickers" that got the song banned. I always wondered if the reference to “He Got Monkey Finger” was about Paul’s freakishly long fingers.. At the time he wasn't the best drummer available, but he was dependable. The John Lennon-penned ‘Come Together’ may have been a memorable opener for Abbey Road, but it was actually one of the last songs The Beatles would begin … It is pretty scathing. So he sold it to someone else.”. HE GOT HAIR DOWN TO HIS KNEE, GOT TO BE A JOKER HE JUST DO WHAT HE PLEASE." HE SAY I KNOW YOU, YOU KNOW ME. But I never realized it could be about the band members before and will listen to this differently from now on. The references to band members etc. Just a hunch, man. Paul chuckled, starred into his drink and said, "who bloody know, but it sounds good.". I left the line in ‘Here come old flat-top’. All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. var opts = { One thing I can tell you is you got to be free - common sense advice by Ringo when Paul and John each talked about going solo or because John subconsciously thought of himself as better than the other 3 especially Ringo, he subconsciously inserts his excuse for his own bad behavior. "He shoot coca-cola" is obvious: 'coca-cola' is street-slang for cocaine, a drug that George, as well as the others, would often 'shoot up' directly into thier veins. In 1969 coca-cola approached the Beatles to shoot commercials. 1 and 1 and 1 is 3. The conversion was at a bar after a show that my dad did not even attend. I always knew it was one of my favourites, but I never had any idea what on earth he was on about. It’s super easy, we promise! The song’s origins were connected to an unlikely campaign in the US. It’s funky, it’s bluesy, and I’m singing it pretty well. Right now - time is of the essence Yeah, Yeowza I think you're totally right except that I think you got Paul and Ringo mixed up. "hold you in his armchair you can feel his disease" armchair=gurney disease=death. But in Lennon's own words "I never got around to it and wrote 'Come Together' instead." Yeowza - I am in total agreement with you. John ran hot, George ran cool. A "sideboard" has NOTHING to do with any "court term" (whatever that mean!) Literally absolutely true. It's about a real hairstylist and also his secret lover .. has nothing to do with the band members. John's increasing uncooperative attitude towards the professional and musical direction the rest of the band wanted to follow manifested itself in John constantly griping and complaining to the others, or in slang terms "breaking thier backs", a term referenced with 'spinal cracker'. John thought Paul was not deep intellectually and wrote silly songs w/ no depth (one and one and one is three, is John's mocking Paul's song writing). Come Together is a favorite of mine. He got Ono sideboard - Yoko Ono was his wife, his sideboard or support. The song was written to make a mockery The sing was originally supposed to be a campaign slogan for Timothy Leary''s bid for governor of California, but he was never able to make it work. Toe Jam Football is athletes foot fungus You are just making up stuff. He heard his old teacher who criticized his poetry was analysing his songs. }; verse 3 John Bravo! He bag production - John saying "Nailed it" I bagged it as in a big game hunter bagging a trophy buck.

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