We have grown to 100 members! My name is Wendy LaForce. Although life often has its way of taking over and riding time is limited, she loves every moment of it, especially when riding with the Stilettos. Motorcycle clubs bring people a form of escapism, a chance to find something more engaging than their mundane lives and monotonous routines. Our more experienced members enjoy working with new riders to help them hone the skills learned in their riding class and prepare them for adventures on the open road with their new Stiletto Sisters. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. The group's purpose is to bring women together who have a common bond of riding motorbikes but also hope to be active inspiring one another to ride in a usually male-dominated space. The club is extremely international, with chapters found in the USA, Canada, the UK, and even Portugal. We are breaking through barriers and stereotypes one set of handlebars at a time. Thankfully, motorcycle clubs might not be as dangerous or scary as they were a few decades ago, but they are still alive and often attempt to scare those silly few that might cross them. Some of the motorcycles include a Harley Davidson Sportster, a Triumph Thruxton, a BMW GS 650, and a Beta 200. The group was first Founded on Valentine's Day in 1999 and now has members all over the United States, as well as Sweden and a number of other random places. The whole world is seemingly obsessed with the deepest, darkest depths of motorcyclist culture and everything that belongs to or is connected to it. Curvy Riders was first established in 2006 and has now become one of the most popular motorcycle clubs in the UK. As a result, the club is acknowledged widely in the motorcycling world and is active members of the Motorcycle Rights Association. Furthermore, the club is adamant that there should be "no drama" whatsoever, with motorbikes and positivity taking the forefront amid a supportive and caring atmosphere. These days, the club has 300 fully-paid members and it is extremely busy throughout the year with parties, rides, and special events. However, despite being together for such a short time, the club has generated a number of members all over the USA and is still going strong. That's right, a group of female bikers in Marrakesh were recently photographed by London-based Moroccan artist Hassan Hajjaj, who photographed the group on their travels throughout the famed Moroccan city. The group is famed for riding a number of motorcycles from several different brands and rarely sticks to just one. Featured Member of the Month: Stacy Lynn, Co-Regional Coordinator for Tampa Bay South Chapter. The club proudly declares its independence from all things criminal and state how they strive to encourage women to be independent and unique. These guys (or gals) really know what they are doing. In fact, over the years, the group has raised thousands of dollars with regards to their membership and donations. Now she balances family life with two kids, a full-time job, the requirements of a family business, and Stilettos. These days, Motor Maids has over 1,200 members and is still as strong as ever. Founders Hayley Suder and Valerie Jones were frustrated at the lack of women involved in the Michigan motorcycle scene so they decided to form their own club. VC London is a motorcycle group hailing from you guessed it, London, in the UK. The Femme Fatales female-only motorcycle club was founded by two women in 2011. However, that's not all they do, with the Sirens just happy to ride their bikes without any special attention. In fact, the club is so dedicated to female motorcycling that they have incorporated their own "vision" for the future, writing, "To unite women motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide. Curvy Rider clubs can be found all over the UK. They often partake in events with the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM). However, although they might accept just about anybody, they draw the line at those with a history of abuse against children, animals, or the elderly. Over the years, the media has somewhat capitalized on the world's fascination with motorcycle clubs, with notorious author Hunter S. Thompson infiltrating a club and TV shows like Sons of Anarchy doing the rounds, as well. The Caramel Curves are based in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the USA, and are not your average all-female motorcycling club. The photos were later displayed at the Taymour Grahne Gallery in New York and gained a lot of publicity. Motor Maids is probably one of the most famous female-only motorcycle clubs in the world and have been around since 1940. To inspire women to embrace the interest of riding for recreation, philanthropy and sisterhood, and all while promoting a positive image of the motorcycling community." The group was founded in India in 2011 and is made up of Indian women who want to change the way people view motorcycling and the women who ride bikes. Throughout history, motorcycling has been more of a male pastime, with motorcycle clubs also demonstrating a similar theme. via youtube. One of the main aims of the club is to allow women the independence and freedom to escape the mundane, or in some cases, the impossible, aspects of their lives. The club recently hit the headlines when it was revealed that they had been delivering breast milk via their motorbikes. Motorcycle clubs are scattered all over the world, from Europe and the USA to the streets of Australia. We ride unapologetically deep! In fact, Women in the Wind is the largest women's motorcycle organization in the world. Along with with titles of Stiletto and motorcyclist, Anne is also a wife, mother of two, and chihuahua mom. Stilettos on Steel® is not a non-profit or charity organization, we do not host charity rides or fundraisers but we do donate to causes important to our members. The club was first founded in 2015 in an East London workshop by three female D.I.Y queens who wanted a place to ride bikes and talk shop. WITW strives to educate our members in motorcycle safety and maintenance, unite women … The Dahlias are a female-only motorcycle club based in the US state of Michigan. Helle's Bells are a women-only motorcycle club based in the UK and also one of the most prestigious around today. And to make things that little bit cooler, the bikes are all humongous Suzukis, which seem present no bother for the Caramel Curves ladies. The club holds regular group rides and also partakes in a number of charitable events and parties with the proceeds all going to a charity of their choice. Here are 20 female motorcycle clubs and their bikes. In fact, Litas members can be found in 20 countries and include women of all race, orientation, and background. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. Yes, the breast milk was intended for special infants with no access to milk, therefore the Sirens stepped in and volunteered their vehicles. Women in the Wind was founded in 1979 by legendary motorcyclist Becky Brown, whose original motorbike stands in the National Motorcycle Museum in Iowa. Sounds fair! The Femme Fatales have members throughout the United States, as well as followers overseas and abroad. While there are many causes worthy of support, making the riding experience and sisterhood a positive influence in every member's life is our main priority. The name VC London was born and went on to include a group of like-minded women who supported, empowered, and encouraged one another with regards to all things motorcycling, and a little bit of life advice. The Devil Dolls is a female only biking group who ride bikes to bring empowerment to women all over the world. Stilettos on Steel® was founded in 2010 in Madison, WI and has since expanded across the country with official chapters in Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Missouri, Iowa, Kentucky, and Utah. Check out our list of Chapters to find one close to you! In fact, the club prides itself on diversity, which can be seen throughout its membership. In addition to liberating the roads, President and founder Carla Henkel, otherwise known as "Blackbird," also wanted to liberate women and the perception of female motorcyclists. The club was first established in the USA and has now spread across the country, as well as into neighboring Canada. While these positions are voluntary, the rewards are many, including every smiling face of a Stiletto Sister and the immense sense of pride felt when happy women have joined together over the love of motorcycling. However, it is the Bullet that remains as their non-official symbol, with member and co-founder, Bhavya Srinivasan stating, "While we encourage women to ride other bikes, there is something about the Bullet that draws us to it; maybe it’s the challenge." Morocco might seem like an unlikely place for an all-female motorcycling club to exist. The group is not official, with many of the women busy being full-time mothers and housewives. The group has been around since 1983 and was one of the first female motorcycle clubs to gather followers from Canada and the UK, as well as the United States. Mile High Sisters was formed to bring women who enjoy riding motorcycles together. The Foxy Fuelers mainly focus on the riding itself while encouraging women to learn and grow as riders rather than just standing around with bikes in their general vicinity. In fact, the feminine theme runs throughout their brand, with the helmets ridged with pink Mohawks along with matching vests and sequins. Meet other local lady riders that want to get on the road and ride. Stilettos on Steel® Female Riders Group, LLC is a female-owned business providing membership and networking services to female motorcycle riders all across the United States. I started a chapter in May 2016. However, the female biking culture in Marrakesh is thriving just as much as anywhere else in the world. The Bikerni sisterhood seems to be only getting stronger, with new members added each day. We accept every female motorcyclist for who she is. The club has Pagan ancestry, with the original members said to have been Pagan witches. We strive to create events for every rider experience level. The Bikerni sisterhood is probably one of the most famous on the list and has been featured in a number of magazine articles as of late. Our driving desire is to help women who dream of riding to take the next step in becoming a motorcycle rider. The Sisters Eternal women's motorcycle club is a professional organization run by those who just love riding bikes.

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