LIGHT SUSSEX (sold, Barnyard Mixed Fertilized Eggs (Free Ranged), I have fertilized barnyard mixed eggs from my free ranged flock! Muscovy ducks $25 Modern game bantams for sale in UK. No more heating lamp needed. New Hampshire Red Crossbred layers $35 ⭐Golden duckwing Roosters are: Barnevelder, White Plymouth Rock, Gold split Cream Legbar, Cuckoo Belgium D'uccle & Easter Egger. Pick up preferred Lakenvelder I have many different breeds of hens & roosters. OLD ENGLISH GAME BANTAMS Ideally less than 3 years old. Pure Sussex (mixed pen) $12 each 4 more $10 BLACK COPPER MARANS 4 WEEK OLD Brown leghorn POLISH FRIZZLEsold 3 WEEK OLD HATCHED 12/9 DAY OLDS UP TO 8 WEEK OLDS Breads include... 2 cockerils healthy happy boys lived free range all there lives had to be caught up as they have started battling with the others, I have for sale a lovely group of modern game, mainly hens that are off heat and looking for new homes they are £15 hens and £7 cocks no time wasters please. These funny... Modern game bantam Cockerell wanted. Muscovy Ducks $25 Chicks from $10 Please call or text only Great for small size back yard pets or some one wanting to have a go at showing chooks prices starting from $70 each Pekins $15 each Australian game All 2020 birds .... We have a selection of boys who were lucky to either trick me into thinking they were girls or who are excess to our breeding requirements. Eggs are from colours: Assortment of Red and Dark Cornish Bantams. CHICKS ARE UNSEXED Quirky birchen modern game hens! *️⃣ READY NOW! Hyline brown 14mth $35 Silver, OLD ENGLISH GAME BANTAM CHICKS 50W HEAT LAM, We have available Selling as trios - one roo two hens Tiny breed of chicken! Game Bantams. PLYMOUTH ROCK (sold out more hatching) Friendly little birds, free range. The cheapest offer starts at £5. I have for sale a trio (2x female 1x male) of Indian Game bantams These are from top bloodlines You have choice of last years birds of 18 week old this years... Modern game hens loads available mixed colours lovely birds all Point of lay message for more info Rare breed so this is a bargain price is for per bird. - Red anconas $90 per dozen 2nd year crossbreeds $25 Hatchery Choice Assortment of Brahma Bantams. - Vorwerks $90 per dozen £70 For Sale Five Old English Game Bantams. Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for Modern game bantams for sale in UK. $12ea ✏️ Eggs are marked with: Date laid, rooster colour (a, 1st year Crossbreeds $35 Naked neck Bantams include: Pekin Lohmann brown 14mth $35 Lovely garden pets.They make great little broodies and lay very well. 3 WEEK OLD Silver campines $60 Price is more than 20% above the estimated market price for similarly classed vehicles. TRIO OR PAIR OF GREY We’d be glad to answer questions about raising poultry or offer advice about your current flock. Very nice pair of old English game bantams good quality from a top breeder, Various colours of old English game Trips and pairs available 30 pound a pair 40 pound a trio. Jungle fowl Point of lay pullets priced from £10 / bird, trios from £30 Please ring for details. Let me know if interested and I’ll see what I have available for, PURE BRED CHICKS WELSUMMER & BARNEVELDERS, We have available pure bred chicks Five VERY friendly little bantam hens, hatched spring 2019 - lay beautiful little white eggs (2 eggs make one normal size egg) four hens are partridge marked and one is black. Pile leghorn OLD ENGLISH GAME BLUE ONE HES OF EACH OF THE FOLLOWING DUCKWING, SILVER DUCKWING, GOLD DUCKWING AND BLUE RED.

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