Some really superb paintings were used for Trains which Pepys said were by Ian Allen. It is a simple family game, which is both instructive and enjoyable and has all the drama and thrills of the book on which it is founded. There are loads of classic card games that kids can play just as well as adults (if not better). While they were waiting for Snow White to be released Pepys didn’t waste any time and prepared to follow up what they hoped would be a success with other games. Enjoy your family card games! Also in this year more Disney card games made their appearance. Find Out based on the “Find Outers” books by Enid Blyton came out in 1958. The game can be used to teach job names to children. Kargo and Peter Pan were issued in ordinary tuck boxes instead of the hinged padded lid type used previously. If you use traditional playing cards, the aim is to match cards with the same number (ignore the suits). With her for a whole year, I sort of forgot. Animal Snap was one of the few games for very young children and although there had been some before this it was probably one of the areas that had been a bit neglected. Wimbledon (renamed "Grand Slam"). I Commit • Here are 10 fun outdoor activities for grandparents to do with their grandchildren. Davy Crockett • B. Bowbeer, one of the artists who worked for “Flight” magazine, drew the cards for the new “Double Feature” game Test Pilot which was endorsed by Neville Duke the chief test pilot for Hawker. The Original Jaques Snap and Happy Families also were issued under licence at the time. The play is based on the popular game of Rummy, yet is different enough for it to be interesting and original. Here are some options: Comment below and let me know your favourite card game to play with your children. 1977 was the year of Fred Basset who first appeared in a cartoon strip in the Daily Mail in 1963. Another animal game was also issued, Family Favourites, which was a reissue of the old Pets game but without the George Cansdale connection. Round Britain • Legs Eleven was the only game produced in Hong Kong and it even had square corners. It is an amusing and topical game and at 1s offers extremely good value. A card game based on MGM’s most popular 1939 film releases, Film Fantasy, was issued (registered Sept 1939), at first anonymously, maybe because it was connected with another film studio when Pepys had such strong links with Walt Disney. Card games are a great way to engage and entertain kids, and they can handle everything from two players to large groups. Fishing • Article text and images courtesy Rex Pitts. This game is sometimes called Authors, and you can play it with standard cards. The last player to turn over an Ace, King, Queen or Jack must pick up the centre pile, and play resumes. Do they keeps asking if the other players have the cards s/he wants or has their go finished after one question?Look forward to the reply. Combat • Card Golf • Tokens of the goose, draughts, ludo game and dice are made of wood. Wild Life • A new version of Snow White, much more closely based on scenes from the Disney film and looking more modern for the young things of the 1950s, was introduced around 1951 see more →. Ern Shaw devised another game for Pepys in this period called Sylabex, a syllable word game, at first in a double sized lid and bottom type box with 72 cards, but later, in at least another two editions, in the usual flip top box with 44 cards. Fred Basset • The next game was Happy Families of the Nations which was a reissue of the older Happy Families of the World but in the usual full size cards, with eleven families instead of nine. Playing cards have been with us since the 14th century, when they first became a part of popular culture. Some 10+-year-olds will enjoy the mental challenge of playing Memory even though its a very basic game. Early in 1940 Pepys issued Peter Pan, nothing to do with the Disney film which didn’t come out until 1953, at first in a green backed version but later with red backs. To think Christmas Eve boxes are absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary? Play Happy Families in the same way as Go Fish, except that you ask for a specific card like the Queen of Hearts rather than any Queen. Deal out the cards around all the players so each player has a pile of cards which they place facedown. The most recent variation had a different box and card back design. They were both produced in two different card back colours. Happy Family cards usually have a set of picture cards with sets of 4 families. This continues with each player taking a turn until someone flips over a King, Queen, Jack or Ace. I shall pass this valuable info on as a link in a text to my grandaughter and in a FB group! Above: Castell’s Pepys pack made by Waddingtons. When Waddingtons sold their games division to Hasbro in 1994 the remaining stock was sold off including a quantity of Pepys games and rules books. The selling price is 2s 6d which includes a book of rules and a résumé of Bunyan’s great work. You pick up a card from the spare pile at the end of your turn, having asked the wrong person for a card. The Walt Disney film “Alice in Wonderland” was released in 1951, but that title had already been used for a card game by De La Rue, so Pepys had to use the name Alice for their game based on the film. Jack of all Trades • Pepys thought it would be a good idea to produce a Snow White card game to tie in with the general release of the film in the UK in 1938. Once a player has no cards left in their hand, they are out of the game. We just drew a blank . Paolo Crosetto, CC BY-SA 2.0, from flickr. Question: Are the card games in this article suitable for 10+? Your turn finishes when you ask someone for a card that they don't have. See also: Perma Playing Cards • The cards were designed again by Racey Helps, each with an anthropomorphic cartoon and full of details in the background to add to the fun – excellent value! You can use a standard set of playing cards or any other set of cards with groups of 4, like Happy Family cards. Players need to lie they are a card with a value to get rid of them. This time the game was endorsed by the famous naturalists Armand and Michaela Denis who had a very popular TV series throughout the 1950s. Belisha • The benefits of playing memory games with your child are huge, making it easier for them to learn multiplication tables, math facts, and more. Today it is played with a standard deck. In 1973 anticipating his retirement, the company was sold to Graphics Publicity Ltd with Kenneth staying on for two more years. by Rex Pitts, author of "Pepys, the Story of the Company and its Games" available from the author. Players take turns to flip over 2 cards. Being stuck at home is hard, especially for children. If there are two cards that match, the first player to yell 'Snap!' Scouting appeared in 1955 but the Girl Guides had to wait a little longer for their own card game: Guiding. If the player who is asked has no cards of the requested value, they must tell the player to 'Go fish.' They're Off • Leslie Stead illustrated more than 90 of Capt W E Johns’ books and he also designed these cards. If a player runs out of cards, they have one chance to get back in when the next Jack is played, or else they lose. All the charm of these delightful characters is reproduced in full colour from Walt Disney originals. Cynthia Zirkwitz from Vancouver Island, Canada on March 31, 2020: Excellent! Woodland Old Maid • As it is our grandchildren can still enjoy a Pepys game like we did years ago. Dumbo was issued in both red and blue backed versions, and was only identified as Pepys on the box, not in the rules booklet, although it was advertised in other games rules booklets. Also appearing was Gulliver’s Travels, which was anonymous but registered to Castell Bros in March 1940. Foreign Legion • Mickey's Fun Fair • Take this survey - £100 voucher to be won. Channel X • If you are playing with a standard set of cards, you can either allow matching the same number and same colour card or just the same value. Crime Club (one of my favourites) produced in both green and purple backed versions seems to come in either green or purple boxes at random judging by the many packs I have seen. It was designed to sell at only 2/6d, the same price as the Wu-Pee games of earlier, instead of the usual 3/9d for all the other single pack games. Farmyard Cries • Wimbledon • However, for children, this game can be enjoyable with specific Happy Family-themed playing cards. Split the cards, and the person with the highest value card goes first. The only photographic card game was Wild Life. If they can, they call out 'Snip! Artists were despatched to sit through endless showings of “Snow White” making drawings for the cards and Kenneth Collins, Castell Bros managing director, sat down to write the rules for the game. in 1908 when they submitted a Provisional Application for a new type of Whist Token Place the remaining cards randomly in the middle of the table. If you receive the card you ask for, you keep asking. The player who asked for the cards can then take another turn and ask for another card. The player who is first to 'slap the Jack' wins the pile. Cheat is a personal favourite for many children, because to win you need to be the best at cheating! Maybe it's the wine the Dh and I have drunk but we can't figure out the rules of the game from the back of the packet.

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