Personally, Yes! Yes, I sold all of my Chanel bags for this single bag, and I do not regret it. There are so many colors in the Hermes family and new colors are introduced every year (the chart below was last updated in 2018; view posts on annual colors to see the new colors). In the 1930s, Robert Dumas, son-in-law of Émile Hermès, whom he succeeded at the head of Hermès (1951-1978), created the women’s bag with straps. January 10, 2014. Shallow Obsessing Strongly Encouraged. Hermes handbags have more than a hundred of colors to choose from. Selling all my Chanel for another Hermès??? A Southern California native, she received her BFA from Art Center College of Design before moving to New York for her Master’s from The School of Visual Arts. Do You Purchase The Same Bag in Different Colors? If you value craftsmanship and quality, enjoy a bag with history, then it doesn’t get much better than this! The leather has also been compared to Swift which I have yet to own, but do have on the wishlist. It will make it easier for he/she to find what you are looking for or atleast get very close to a color you are after. We will send you an email to reset your password. – I am constantly fussing with the lock if I carry it closed, which I have to do as the Sangles flop around a lot and don’t lay as nicely as they do on my full sized Kelly. CC 80: The Pragmatic Classic Brand Lover With a $70,000 Collection, Dior’s Iconic Saddle Bag Gets an Update for Winter 2020, LUISAVIAROMA Is Offering 20% Off Select Full-Priced Items. Hermes bags are available in a stunning range of colours, from classic black and tan to the more rare orange or pink. I think Tadelakt deserves its own special place, as there is no doubt that this leather has some very special qualities. – This bag easily fits my massive Iphone SX MAX (even with the case on!). Hermes have led the way for many years when it come This guide is meant to be used as a general guideline for color depictions***. There are so many colors in the Hermes family and new colors are introduced every year (the chart below was last updated in 2018; view posts on annual colors to see the new colors). It fits a lot more than most, has a thoughtful spot for cards, and due to its long shape and top handle, offers multiple ways to be carried. Another new color is “Foin.” In French, foin means hay. – This bag has an internal pocket thats perfect for loose cards, while also fitting my cardholder as well. Pros: With a passion for vintage, cats, and all things sci-fi, she expresses herself best through personal style. In the late 1950s, legend has it that Grace Kelly, a Her experience as a creative within the fashion industry, along with her background in retail and resale, have allowed her to cultivate a unique insider perspective. The Complete Guide to Hermes Leather and Skins The rare and high quality leathers, skins, and colors used on Hermes Birkin and Kelly bags are among the signature features of these icons, contributing to making the bags so unique when compared to other luxury handbags. – It’s long enough to comfortably carry underarm, freeing up hands when needed. Due to this variety, it makes it fun to collect your favorite colors. But if you’re looking for an ultra-luxe, timeless, day to night bag, than this is a very good option, and will most likely return the investment if it doesn’t work out. I really struggled with rating this category so I thought the best way to break it down would be with Pros and Cons. If you are starting out, it is always safe to stick to neutrals like black, grey and brown. But with all that being said, if I couldn’t wear this bag casually I wouldn’t have purchased it, especially with its high price tag. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Hermès gets a bit more specific in its description – likening Foin to “the pale yellow of meadow grass in early summer.” Whether you think hay (or straw), our minds (and stomachs) dance to French Vanilla ice cream – a creamy white-ish yellow. The Kelly bag was designed in the 1930s and has not only withstood the test of time, but has now become a handbag icon. Kristine. One thing I love about Hermès is that they use Palladium for their hardware. Some of the color names are unique to Hermès, so to help you understand which color to expect, here is a brief guide to the most popular and some of the rarer and more unique Hermès colors. Like Chèvre, it holds color in a rich bold way. A rarity for bags that fall in the “small” category. Like most designer bags, I’m sure its interest will fluctuate and it will have a moment in the “social media spotlight” and you’ll begin to notice it more. ***It is important to note that due to the unpredictable and unstable nature in which different leathers take to the dye, there can be subtle differences and minor variations in how the colors apply to each batch. I added a comparison photo above for reference because optically they are similar. The Kelly bag was designed in the 1930s and has not only withstood the test of time, but has now become a handbag icon. If you missed a certain color in a year, sometimes they may relaunch that color in a future year. How To Authenticate Chanel Bags by Reading the Serial Codes. I love this bag, but I also like to use clutches for casual wear. Naturally, I turned to my fellow Purseforum members for advice and started the “Selling all my Chanel for another Hermès?? Keep up with PurseBlog by signing up for our newsletter. Is it the new Box? Since 2005. In general, I wouldn’t call clutches the most practical bags, nor would I even call them comfortable. – Expandable accordion-like sides that actually make this clutch much roomier than it looks. Of course this is only a brief guide to Hermès colors and there are many more to choose from when ordering a Birkin or Kelly bag. But I think for a clutch this bag isn’t all that bad. To be fair, even my full sized Kelly isn’t my most practical or comfortable bag. Though both the interior and exterior are indeed “Griolet”, the way that each leather picks up dye is completely different which is really cool to see.

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