A few months ago I was working on a course project and the professor suggested I link the school account to my IG account but I couldn’t find any information on privacy so I didn’t do it. I had one and added another. Thanks for your time!! But once I log out of All accounts (because nobody leaves their Instagram account live and open and using data) I now need to physically log in again AND add each account again before they show. I just created a second IG account, and everything seems to be fine. Hi It doesn’t work now, I have IOS but when I logged out from one of the 5 accounts to add a new one, it’s still showing and it said that I have the max number of accounts and can’t add more. It will show the list of accounts you have, and ask which account login you’d like for Instagram to remember on your next login. There may be times when you need more than one Instagram account in order to manage your business. Tap on this and some options appear for your account settings. I get that you’re frustrated, but unfortunately there’s nothing I can do to update the article. I am also having to change my password, as Insta thinks my account has been compromised. I tried to input my new account but still it couldn’t open, and now even worse, when I clicked on my first account just as it is shown, it also couldn’t open saying that the username doesn’t belong to an account. I have heard of [x] from the friends working in marketing agency. You’ll need to be able to log into your account to delete it. Hello, I have two accounts that I use. You should log out from it and then try to reset your password. But if they share a password, more trouble ensues. I was trying to remove an account from my saved account and could not figure it out – great information! October 12, 2020 by Louise Myers 483 Comments. It keeps sending the link to the personal account and not the one I need. I’ll have to find out more about it since I keep hearing from people with problems. Just ask if something is unclear. The usage of Instagram is quite straightforward. Not sure of your question. Please tap the 3 lines at top right on your profile and you’ll see the gear at the bottom. I logged into my main account with my username and password. HELP PLEASE. My business IG is linked to my business Facebook page. Also, when I try to login in with my new business account through the Instagram login page it won’t work only when I am on my original and then switch from there. Tap the three lines in the top corner and then click ‘settings’. Advising on this is definitely above my pay grade . Hello, I am trying to find out if it’s possible to change the email associated with one of my three Instagram Accounts? Louise I need help I think I’ve been locked out of my Instagram account as I switch back and forth and it’s my business account as I have used same email for multiple accounts what can I do. The personal page is much more important because I barley use the business page. I am now worried that I must have signed this second account up with the same phone number. Push notifications on multiple Instagram accounts. © 2020 Inspirationfeed. If you did it and now want to separate them, keep scrolling to the section below the next one. I have never violated any rules on Instagram – neither in the past with those two long gone and deleted profiles, nor with the one I have now. Is there an app to install? Apart from this, your burden will be distributed, and you will then be in a better position to handle all the tasks conveniently. I’m trying to create a new Instagram account for my work but twice now on entering the details to open a new account I get shutdown and told I’ve broken their legal terms and conditions as soon as I’ve entered new login/username details and hit next. It’s like the business Instagram account is no longer linked and I can’t post to it or do anything “as” the business. If it’s new to you, I can tell you that it no longer allows toggling between accounts. I was able to recover my personal account and one of the clubs. Tap Add Account. Then you might be able to get a password reset on the other one. How to Create Second Instagram Account with Same Email. I created an Instagram account and then linked it to my business page. Why is my profile picture showing up on the bottom tab to the far right? OR you can switch from any tab with a long-press your profile picture in the bottom left! Any idea where it went? The instructions below are to permanently delete an Instagram account via computer. Unfortunately I have also changed phones and as a result no longer have access to my second account. Because desktop doesn’t have an app, it isn’t as easy to switch between accounts. I tried what you said above and know I think I have 3 accounts! ","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"To open a second account linked to your current account, go to your Settings. Logout of all accounts, then a page with all the accounts and a switch button in front of each ig handle will open. You could try contacting them…. All data will be handled as outlined in this site's Privacy Policy. *READ CAUTION BELOW! Well, there are some strong reasons why you should avoid creating multiple Instagram accounts using the same email ID. I dont know how to stop logging into that page. Thanks! Instagram is one of the top ones from the list and people use it in may ways to promote their brands, products and even themselves. I would keep reporting it to IG though – even daily. I have 5 linked accounts and have never had them cross-post. Hi I have 5 accounts they were all showing in the IG App on my iphone, just today i was about to check one of them and it logged me out and the account disappeared from the list When i try to “Add Account” it says you have reached max number. Thanks for sharing such article .Its a great article for Instagram lovers who wants to use more than 1 account. I logged in from IG online, not the app, created account with new email, username, etc. Any leads? Now and in future you can start the application “FirefoxPortable.exe” in each folder to get another separate browser instance. It can be convenient – but there are a couple reasons you may regret setting it up.

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