Julie meets Gary (Heder) on a blind date. One of Wiig's lines in the sketch's first appearance, "He looked like a rabbit," became a … She has an extremely large forehead, a snaggle tooth, an affinity for squirrels and baby hands — "Is that bad?" Regardless, they attempt to navigate through the bar's social scene as best they can. Shana may look like a ~*sexy*~ bombshell with a Marilyn Monroe-esque voice, but she is actually pretty gross. The dress rehearsal for the May 20, 2006, episode, hosted by Kevin Spacey, included a Memorial Day version of this sketch that featured Spacey as Jack Lemmon, Wiig as Carol Channing, and Sanz as Alfred Hitchcock in a commercial for Psycho, but the sketch was cut for the live episode. The dress rehearsal for the April 14, 2007, episode, hosted by Shia LaBeouf, included a sketch in which LaBeouf played a Target cafe clerk who scared customers with ghost stories, but the sketch was cut for the live episode. Wiig had acting roles in the 2007 films The Brothers Solomon, Meet Bill, Knocked Up, and Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. Before leaving the show in 2012, Wiig gave us eleven memorable moments with everyone from the Target Lady to Suze Orman. Like so many of Wiig's characters -- and recurring SNL characters in general -- nothing ever changed and nothing new was revealed about Aunt Linda no matter how many times she appeared. Kristen Wiig is a deplorably funny character actress, who could probably make literally any half-baked concept funny. She was breathy and seductive but prone to fits of repellent behavior that typically turned off every man who had previously been lusting after her (except for one; that joke was constant). Like a lot of SNL's repeat sketches, there's an appeal to going back to it over and over again because it has a recognizable character, a theme song, and a built-in structure. The Californians is arguably one of the funnier sketches on the show (mostly because the actors constantly break character during it). Each sketch features that week's SNL host, along with various cast members, as musical performers. More recently, she has become famous for her characters Gilly, a highly mischievous schoolgirl, and The Target Lady, a kitsch collector with an obsession for Target products. DJ Dynasty Handbag (Kenan Thompson) and co-host Tiara Zee (Rachel Dratch), replaced in December 2006 by T'Shane (Andy Samberg), host a showcase for house music acts. August 22, Whiskers R We. Honestly, we could watch Wiig and Armisen make up songs on the spot all day. Her best known animated role is Lola (Bug Bunny's significant other) on The Looney Tunes Show (2011). She was always the punchline, and the punchline was always the same. There's a kernel of an idea in the character -- we've all been to stores where the employee seemed a bit overenthusiastic -- but most of that was obliterated by the cartoonish nature of the sketch.

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