Gustav Eriksson Trolle (1488–1533) was a controversial person. To vote in the Church general elections, one must be member of the Church of Sweden, at minimum 16 years of age, and nationally registered as living in Sweden. Valerius was most likely the son of a church man – and the Archbishop of Lund appealed the election to Rome. Following the election he travelled to Avignon, the residence of Pope John XXII, to be ordained as bishop. This escalated to a point where its ministers even were persecuted by the church for preaching sobriety, and the reactions of many congregation members to that contributed to an inspiration to leave the country (which however was against the law until 1840).[17]. At a cathedral an assistant minister is called domkyrkosyssloman. Uppsala was made Sweden's archdiocese in 1164, and remains so today. As the ship struggled to pass through, Johannes were among those killed. His uncle was bishop of Roskilde and a former chancellor of the Queen. He wrote many international historical and theological books. He was made archbishop owing to the support of Duke Charles (Charles IX of Sweden), although they later clashed because of their fundamentally different beliefs. ), succeeded by Nicolaus, Sveno, Henricus and Kopmannus. Nils was known as a vigorous archbishop. [note 1]. As a writer, he has a prominent place in early Swedish literature.[13]. Also he is omitted from, or at least redated in, the first list of bishops made in the 15th century. King Gustav I Vasa instigated the Church of Sweden in 1536 during his reign as King of Sweden. In 1457, the archbishop Jöns Bengtsson (Oxenstierna) was allowed by the pope to declare himself primate of Sweden. In 1686, the Riksdag of the Estates adopted the Book of Concord, although only certain parts, labelled Confessio fidei, were considered binding, and the other texts merely explanatory. The New Testament was translated to Swedish in 1526 and the entire Bible in 1541. At his death, he left them to the cathedral chapter, but Queen Margaret is said to have taken them in possession instead, which marked the beginning of disputes between the chapter and the states in the union (which lasted until 1520).[14]. Bishop Johannes Rudbeckius (1619-1646) habitually ordained men to the diaconate in advance of ordaining them to the priesthood,[23] and this was said by Archbishop Johannes Lenaeus of Uppsala (in 1653) to be usual Church of Sweden practice. His last will shows that he was also quite wealthy. It has been retained by the Lutheran bishop of Uppsala, who is metropolitan of Sweden, and by the Lutheran bishop of Turku in Finland. Was originally a monk at Vadstena monastery. Died in Avignon while travelling to Rome to receive the pallium. Shortly after seizing power in 1523, Gustav Vasa addressed the Pope in Rome with a request for the confirmation of Johannes Magnus as Archbishop of Sweden, in the place of Gustav Trolle who had been formally deposed and exiled by the Riksdag of the Estates. He was for this reason ordained by the King in a Catholic ritual with all its apparatus, and wrote the introduction to the King's "red book". Other changes of the reformation included the abolition of some Catholic rituals. ), (Born 25 August 1907 in Svenljunga, Älvsborgs län; died 19 March 1972 in Uppsala.). No longer the seat of a bishop but still officially called cathedrals: Greens in the Church of Sweden (linked to the Green Party), This page was last edited on 29 December 2019, at 01:22. Was considered a highly learned man and was involved in various political and clerical tasks.

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