Most relatable is how SpongeBob continues to justify every bad thing that happens to him as normal, even as he grows giant eyestalks and a shell. Five hundred of anything is a lot, but when it’s a free comedy podcast it definitely deserves to be celebrated. Why it's great: You've gotta love a good love triangle! In honor of SpongeBob's 20th anniversary, we've decided to take on the difficult challenge of ranking the very best Bikini Bottom has to offer. It’s been on for 8 years and has more than 400 episodes. Mrs. Patrick is depressed over the fact that he's never won an award so SpongeBob gets him a job at the Krusty Krab. Squidward develops a gambling addiction to a toy claw machine that SpongeBob is effortlessly skilled at. In return, Squidward buys SpongeBob a pie, but it's actually a bomb. What it's about: After being separated for some time, Emily and Richard renew their vows. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! —Devan Coggan. You can debate that statement, and I’ve even done so myself. Every Doctor ever has granted companions an escape from their regular life. It's a good one. This episode features one of the recent bests: Shrimp! He's challenged to a fry cook-off against King Neptune and beats him. There's some classic SpongeBob waterworks silliness here, but this time it's Mr. Krabs who cries into his own mouth and spews his tears in delightfully odd ways. They discuss filmmaking, geopolitical history, nerd out about uniforms and equipment, and crack wise the entire time. And of course, Sookie's wedding is adorable! 50:58. Reporting on what you care about. You'll definitely need your popcorn for this episode. —Luke. —Clark Collis, "The Waters of Mars" offered a real showcase for David Tennant as his Doctor visits a space base on the eve of its destruction. By Ira Madison III. Squidward gets to play at the Bubble Bowl and holds band tryouts in Bikini Bottom. Whether you were Team Dean, Jess, or Logan, this show definitely made us all want to live in a small town and have Lauren Graham for a mom. It's like a hilarious Laurel and Hardy short on mushrooms. Things come to a head in the Dean/Rory/Jess love triangle. Mrs. Here, SpongeBob showcases his intricate bubble-blowing ability, which Squidward imitates in a festering rage, blowing the biggest bubble ever. SpongeBob saves the day with his bubble-blowing skills, but ultimately this is a lesson in avoiding toxic fandoms at all costs. Honestly, I'm amazed it took 17 episodes into this show for Mr. Krabs to go on a treasure hunt. Unless you're SpongeBob, who gleefully goes on what is no doubt the greatest journey of the series to deliver a pizza with Squidward. The two of them encounter a confused World War I soldier (Mark Gatiss), extracted from time just at the moment of his death. "The Paper," "Bubblestand"), but here it's Patrick. —Isaac Feldberg, Has there ever been a character more gleefully unpredictable than Missy? What it's about: Lorelai tries to get Emily and Richard to reconcile their differences, but their issues are bigger than she expected. Best quote: "We'll go anywhere you want — my treat — and I won't enjoy it. SpongeBob noir. —Clark Collis. Honestly, the citizens of Bikini Bottom don't deserve Squidward's interpretive dancing. Oh so weird, oh so good. There are so many great episodes to choose from! Why it's great: The finale received mixed reviews, partly because it left everything pretty unresolved, but for Gilmore Girls, it kind of worked. Meanwhile, Miss Patty tries to set Lorelai up, much to her horror. Matt Smith made his eccentric debut as the Eleventh Doctor in the Steven Moffat-penned season 5 premiere, which also introduced Karen Gillan as the instantly lovable companion Amy Pond. Luke finally declares his feelings for Lorelai, and tensions arise between Lorelai and Rory when she learns that Rory slept with a now-married Dean. —Logan. There’s no evil to fight here — instead, “Twice Upon a Time” is a reflection on death and leaving a legacy. It's a clever departure from the rest of the series' usual scenarios and formats. A lot, actually. What it's about: In the series finale, Rory unexpectedly receives a job offer to cover Obama's presidential campaign. To be honest, way better than my prom. He ends up recreating his morning over and over again, which is concerning since he feeds Gary breakfast approximately 15 times. Quick question, though: "Is mayonnaise an instrument?". SpongeBob, being the sentimental weirdo he is, gives Squidward a gift: a handmade sweater made of his own eyelashes. —Tim Leong, One of the darker outings to feature Freema Agyeman's underrated companion Martha, “42” (so named as a Douglas Adams allusion and because it unfolds in real-time) is tight, economical Who in which the Doctor must fight a murderous, possession-happy sun (you read that correctly). Most enjoyably, "Hall Monitor" is a delightful showcase of Patrick in all his pure, beautiful stupidity. After Mr. Krabs thinks the health inspector is a phony trying to scam him for free food, he and SpongeBob feed him a bad Krabby Patty with a sock in it that nearly kills him, then they attempt to bury the body. You could also try the compilation of funny bits one they just put out. The evening involves staring at a washing machine, going to the dentist, fixing a rooftop, picking up trash, and, uh, stealing Mr. Krabs' mother's underwear. This marks the very first friend fight between Patrick and SpongeBob when Patrick becomes best friends with Squidward. I love 362 - the one with a discussion about a war between Centaurs and Men on Horses. The Cream Beams to the Tower of Flavortown was the first episode I ever listened to and it got me hooked on MBMBaM. —Lorelai. "The Pandorica Opens"/"The Big Bang" (2010), 26-25. Every Episode of The X-Files, Ranked From Worst to Best. When a customer claims SpongeBob forgot to put pickles on his Krabby Patty, SpongeBob has a massive existential crisis and feels like a complete failure, therefore making this the most relatable episode of the series. What it's about: It's the town's annual picnic basket auction, but things don't go as planned when Jess outbids Dean. The Time Lord answers Bill’s concerns about traveling in history with comedic efficiency: “It’s just time travel. Once a year, the boys watch and discuss cinematic masterpiece Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2. But the episode's heart, unabashed sentimentality, and tribute-paying to the famed painter more than makes up for that. Squidward realizes he actually loves Krabby Patties now, but is too proud to admit it. Why it's great: If you're on Team Jess, this episode is great for obvious reasons. Instead of a long, laborious exercise in trying to just come up with something, 2020 provided almost TOO many options and some might argue the best one was left on the table. And why are they humans, but the same size as sea creatures? Puff reluctantly makes SpongeBob hall monitor, the power of authority consumes him and he wreaks havoc across Bikini Bottom. With the new season of Doctor Who premiering Jan. 1, here are the greatest Time Lord adventures of the 21st century. When both are put to the test, the real Mr. Krabs fails and gets blasted with tartar sauce. What's going on?" Griffin is overruled and bullied by his older brothers as they refuse to answer any questions and instead tell stories about their childhood and embarrassing adolescence. Another good idea might be to send him YouTube clips. On a layover in Cardiff, Christopher Eccleston's Ninth Doctor captures the Slitheen baddie Margaret (Annette Badland). The highlight is when Patrick eats his chocolate bar and immediately forgets, so he goes off on SpongeBob thinking he stole it, which is me when I drunkenly eat leftovers then angrily question why they've gone missing the next morning. Here, SpongeBob and Patrick take Sandy's rocket to the moon, only it never stops and lands back under the sea. Rory and the Doctor finally rescue her, but not until 36 years later in her timeline, which makes her angry and untrusting. The two actors have amazing chemistry, making this one of the show's funniest episodes. It's my go-to whenever having someone listen to MBMBaM! An ever darker downward spiral commences when Patrick can't answer the phone or properly sweep the floor. Best quote: "Mom, you've given me everything I need." The episode’s initial concept is fascinating enough (there’s a spaceship that’s trying to repair itself with human parts), but it soon reveals itself to be something more: Part chilling body horror, part historical romp, and part meditation on Doctor Who itself. Best quote: "I know you, I know you better than anyone. That's the twist in this droll outing, with Matt Smith's Time Lord settling in for a long staycation with Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill). A lesson in how to become a proper pet owner instead of spontaneously adopting cute but erratic strays. But in this episode, the brothers are back together again in their home state of West Virginia. Though the series continues today (it's currently airing its twelfth season), it began to lose its sharp edge and quality consistency into its fourth and fifth years. The journey to healing begins in Episode 383 where James Buffet himself appears as a guest expert, and concludes in Episode 400. Play next; But the most pressing question: where does SpongeBob acquire so many pairs of pants? Oh, and Luke and Lorelai FINALLY kiss! Are you ready? Many companions who leave the TARDIS are essentially never heard from again, which makes the Doctor’s emotional reunion with Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) such a delightful contrast in this episode. He can literally entertain himself with anything, even a piece of trash. Seriously, the family dinner is just a scene you have to watch — it's unique in the sense that it isn't just the usual argument between a couple of the Gilmores, it's literally all of them venting their frustrations and getting absolutely everything off their chest and out in the open.

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