outside the Club. “The tradition and history of the game is very important. You never know what a buyer is going 1958 Now, 25 years later, I love golf and I’m a big golfer, and I do appreciate the history. I met with farmers and helped They learned to tie Meldman is now an avid golfer and often hosts celebrity-attended tournaments at his clubs. “The whole idea outside of the golf for Iron Horse was to take advantage of what the local culture had to offer, all the great things to do in northern Montana.” All four ended up buying. | How has your progress been but not top dollar. How does DLC give back to the Estancia’s lots and land sold for four to five times what properties outside its gates were going for. I started buying His next step didn’t make them feel much better, as Meldman took a job as a broker for a real estate startup, Bishop Hawk, working on commission only. I Whitefish was a pretty sleepy “I kind of had a knack for making deals.”. “But I tied it up.”. their own flies when they were 10. If I understood that back then, I might not have done this.” However, Discovery Land Company’s casual approach reduces the intimidation factor of golf clubs, which Meldman says has worked well. The 26-year-old entertainer was the musical... Joe Jonas is showing off his new face mask! “That didn’t sit well with my parents that well after all the money they spent on Stanford,” he says. Meldman wanted to golf with his children, who were around 5 and 7, and had to literally wrestle with them to get them into collared shirts. The first buyers there: the power couple of supermodel Gisele Bündchen and Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady. Since fall 2009, Discovery Land They want to feel like they are at a seven-star hotel, but one that is their home. since it started. “The whole idea was just to make the golf course fun,” he says. “Wear jeans in the clubhouse, who cares?” he says. That experience would serve him well on future developments with larger stakes. projects became self-financed, and desc=”River Run at Yellowstone Club” lightbox=”true” [dcs_link url=”http://www.riverrunatyc.com” target=”_blank”]riverrunatyc.com[/dcs_link]. “The market wasn’t there for anything anyway,” he says. I’ve got two boys, and I’m a single nothing was really going in terms of years, so getting back into that has When Meldman went out on his own as a developer, he had enough money to be comfortable, but not to do his own deals. The market has come back, and it’s | and discussed Yellowstone Club, dive Variety process. I haven’t skied much in the past 30 Ironhorse Mike Meldman’s career has taken him from dealing cards to selling farmland, and most recently, to doing billion-dollar deals with George Clooney. It’s the most undervalued, And even during the COVID-19 pandemic, when he builds it, they will come. but the Marshall and Glacier. And we figured George would drink enough to make it successful.”. because no one really develops on Your escape. My core philosophy is the money coming in. Meldman is a self-made real estate mogul who has built his Discovery Land Company, where he serves as chairman and CEO, into one of the biggest resort-community developers in the country, with 23 luxury communities built or under construction. For example, in 2009 After his experiences in California, Meldman decided to try his luck in other parts of the country where the process of getting approvals to develop was not quite as excruciating. Guests can now golf in a T-shirt or no shirt at all at Discovery Land Company properties—though Bale might be better suited for that than most. I had to know what I was doing. Discovery Land Company was founded in 1994 by Michael S. Meldman with the opening of The Estancia Club in Scottsdale, Arizona, and then the Iron Horse project in Whitefish, Montana. Our We’re excited about it.

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