The band were, and still are, on tour in support of their latest release You Won’t Get What You Want, courtesy of Ipecac Records. Prior to forming Daughters, vocalist Alexis S.F. At the very least, there should always be some manner of risk. One of the things I liked about them, back in the MySpace days, is that they referenced one of my favorite bands, Ex Models, in the Bands We Like section of their page. It’s pretty cool, Mike is like this famous guy who barely seems real and he would be commenting on our demos. DAUGHTERS W/ HEALTH AND SHOW ME THE BODY AT PARADISE ROCK CLUB, SAT 12.21. After all, they are a band who thrive on pushing sonic boundaries. ), "We never took time away, and things just kind of came to a head," Marshall says. In 2007 and 2008, I performed as one of 200 guitarists in Rhys Chatham’s minimalist/maximalist guitar orchestra. There was no trepidation on their part, no worries about tarnishing their small but celebrated discography. With the new album, however, we find ourselves on the verge of a career. The Key is your source for finding it. When 2020 rolls around, we’re looking forward to having a least a handful of months to ourselves at home. So you have to absolve yourself from being a disappointment to anyone who bases their musical existence on excluding other things, or making changes in their lives. There’s that and for me personally I’m going to be working with a. "Part of it was that I was trying to keep myself interested and entertained. AT PARADISE ROCK CLUB, SAT 12.21. Donations from local music fans, like you, are the largest and most reliable source of funding for The Key. When you’re embraced by such an insular scene- noise/drone – anything that you do will disappoint them if you make a change, if there’s more people at your show, anything like that. I like film scores. I don’t even know. Marshall and guitarist Nicholas Andrew Sadler eventually refused to work together. It was released on March 9, 2010, through Hydra Head Records, and since the band had gone through a break-up prior to the release of the album, was meant to be the band’s swansong. TK: You two have a love of playing. ", Leach: "Being in Killswitch today is worlds apart from what it was 10 years ago". Rhode Island noise-rockers were notorious for insane music and even more insane shows. Day to day on tour now I feel better based on how I treat myself – eat, sleep, not be all jacked all the time. Daughters is the self-titled, third studio album by Daughters. Do you have a love of touring – especially as both of you play physical music? “I feel as though many listeners respond to earnestness and what is genuine in music, that many are out looking for those things in what they immerse themselves in. It’s sad that the band fell apart as this record was being released because I do believe it was a sort of coming of age recording, but that it was only a peek at what was to come. My buddy Mark St. Sauveur was in Fang Island with me, and he’s played in a lot of bands in Providence; right now he drums in the metal band Violet. NS: You know what’s funny about that? We just stayed out on the road – probably because we didn’t want to go home. That’s no good. My other band filled that slot, just to save face. It’s hard to compare those days to the present. In time, we’ve come to understand that what the people who listen to our band appreciate or even expect is that we are making the effort to push ourselves to try to develop something fresh that functions.”. Nicholas Sadler You may not know that one of the era’s premier industrial noise rock bands has its origins right here in PVD. NS: I should say too that we’re proud to be sharing the sage with Show Me the Body. One thing I’m happy about is that, while touring our own record, every time we we’d play somewhere, kids told us that we should tour together. March 21st, … I don't even know how we finished the album. I had just gotten sober and was trying to devote myself and my time to things that were a bit more positive. The Key: How do you guys know each other to start? We’d rather alienate people in our trying to do something new than recapitulate an idea. I just decided that I was done. Jacob Duzsik: We were very absorbed with esoteric marginal bands that we obsessed about. This website does not rely on corporate funding, because The Key is a nonprofit public service dedicated to supporting the local music that you love with independent reporting. The reality was that this move toward the cinematic was simply what surfaced naturally during the writing process, so rather than fight it, I embraced it in as much as it made sense in the application or was acceptable to the group.”. I'm an addict. It isn't until the fourth track, "The Flammable Man," that the band's trademark mix of whirring guitars, dissonant melodies and blazing rhythms makes an appearance. A good friend to both Marshall and Sadler, he convinced each member in 2013 that the other wanted to bury the hatchet. This website does not rely on corporate funding, because The Key is a nonprofit public service dedicated to supporting the local music that you love with independent reporting. Growing and changing and evolving from where we started is strange because when you become someone’s token underground band, audiences don’t want to share that, and often don’t want to see you evolve. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app. Jon Syverson of Daughters and Philip Jamieson of Caspian list their favorite records of 2019! In the year since, the quartet of vocalist Alexis S. F. Marshall, guitarist Nick Sadler, drummer Jon Syverson, and bassist Samuel Walker have toured relentlessly.

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