First time I did it I didn’t believe it was even possible. It is crazy how little yeast is required. Either letting it rise a second time overnight and make the dough balls in the morning for a baking in the evening or make the dough balls tonight (given the balls 24 h rising). Do you think it was perhaps overproofed and the gluten broken down too much? When I shaped the balls the texture felt right, but after balling they collapsed quite a lot quite quickly. One other question i had… your ingredients call for 369g of flour. And they are super useful. I’m half way through building a wood fired pizza oven and was looking for a recipe. Sorry. This isn’t first and second rise like bread. I gave up. You aren’t looking for doubled or tripled in volume here. A dense pizza. I love your passion. We have made some pretty fine pizzas on it. We’ll see…. Every oven is different so it really helps you figure out where you want to be. It works exactly as written. You are going to need a scale. Anyone who ever experienced a real neapolitan pizza in Naples, Italy, will agree with me. 🙂 In addition to smoking shops, you can also look for scales in the gun room of a sporting goods store. That’s what kept me at it. Let it go about a minute. Your plan is reasonable but I can’t predict exactly when it the dough will hit its peak. Add the poolish, flour & salt and mix well. Take the balls out 2 hours before baking to allow them to come to room temperature. After 12 minutes, repeat the slap and fold. Your email address will not be published. Got an Uuni 3 and gave this recipe a go for it’s baptism. Turn your stand mixer on to it’s lowest setting. So i still have 369g of flour when i combine the rest. In my experience there’s no nailing it every time. It took me a couple years (and so many pizzas) to get it to the point where I was consistent. That way you’ll have a picture of what it looked like the times you totally nail your dough (and you will know when it happens – it’s kind of magic). Or do what you need to do. thanks for this recipe! There’s something there holding the toppings up. When the timer goes off repeat the slap and folds a second time. 2500 words on pizza dough. When I feed it I toss half, add 1/2 cup of flour and just a bit over 1/4 cup of bottled water. Salt kills yeast. Maybe invite some friends over instead? I’ve never gone past tripling it though because my stand mixer maxes out there. Leave it out on the counter to really get going. I just build a very large brick oven and I plan on cooking a large amount of pizzas every time I fire it up. They cook in under two minutes. Maybe snap pics of it and focus on the look. No sugar. If you try to go much above 70F it gets very, very hard to measure out your yeast accurately. To make it you need to learn how to make Neapolitan pizza dough.  But it didn’t have the flavour. It will amaze you how little yeast you need. The dough will be quite sticky but not too sticky that its difficult to handle. I’ve tried to capture a decade worth of learning in this post to save people trying having to try to figure everything out like I did. Or raw dough on top. None of that. The summary of a year’s work. Neapolitan dough is not an easy thing to make if you aren’t precise. Actually you will need two scales. I do have a few questions if you don’t mind. The depth of flavour. I am hosting a wood-fire pizza night for my daugheter’s birthday in a couople weeks. Remember that Neapolitan pizza dough fermentation is a function of time and temperature. I have an ooni and just want to make sure 1 ball stretched out fits and not too big! i just didn’t split it up after 24 hours(balled ferment). You will want your water at about 40F. Measure out your ingredients. That and oven temp of course:-). First I made a spinach and feta cheese pizza, baked at 450°.I split the dough and froze the other half. A really enjoyable read right down to the comments about using gunpowder scales in the comments. But when you nail it, it is incredible. Looked perfect. Excellent tutorial – thank you so much. 12 to 13 inches but you have to be pretty good at opening your dough to get 13. at home, you are lucky if the oven reaches 300 °C (about 570 °F). You are going to have to work at this I am afraid. But not easy. Thank you for the meticulous detail in the recipe. It’s just doesn’t get hot enough. The texture. Thanks! If I double your recipe, do I double the amount of starter also? Spray a little oil into the containers. That’s how much of a difference slight variations can make. That’s where I got mine. The important thing is to get your workflow figured out and stick to it. I’m doing my best to explain it here. Thanks, It’s always something with pizza dough. I have a workflow that works for me. And you can use it with your regular oven. If anything I got better spotting with a day in the fridge! Also, the temp fluctuates a little where im keeping my dough. I’ll try this next. – I am a long range precision shooter and pulled out my gun powder scale to attempt this recipe. Told you it takes time…. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Once you commit to a temperature you kind of need to stick to it…. That’s not such a bad thing. Roast vegetables at high temp? Think I’d need to work in a pizzeria in Naples for a few years to get there. Today I made a pizza with mushrooms, black olives ground turkey and onions. As delicious as it is to eat fresh, there are times when I’ll get an unexpected drop in from friends and want to fire up the oven on a whim and have great pizza ready to go, so having frozen dough that works as well as fresh or very close to it would be awesome. Seemed to be much easier to work with than the first attempt. Put the water in the mixer bowl. I have now got myself a sourdough starter for round 2 and was wondering what hydration you keep yours at? Next weekend I’ll try the 48-hour process, when time allows. Enjoy , Authentic bolognese sauce (aka ragu bolognese), in a pizzeria, the oven reaches about 480 °C (almost 900 °F). The goal is to get the skin of the dough pulled tight over the ball. After 12 minutes, do 2-3 slap and folds. Recipes calling for a tsp or more of yeast rely on much, much shorter fermentation times…. Any suggestion? I am using yeast and finding it difficult to get right, which could also be the issue. But… why it's so hard to have a good one at home? My understanding is that it is larger granules so it needs to be dissolved in warmer water for a few minutes before adding to the dough. Any thoughts? Grazie mille! You can use it to measure your pizza oven temperature. Small variations in temperature over 48 hours makes a surprising difference. This is a relatively low hydration dough at 64%. All purpose won’t work. I got the Ooni pro about two months ago and have tried several different recipes. Not my rules. Is there a way to use your recipe but use active dry yeast instead of instant? Once you get your starter dialled in you will enjoy easy, consistent results. All these things figure into the perfect Neapolitan pizza. I don’t think a picture of the number of granules of yeast is going to help. If it looks like it could still work (not over proofed) you could stick it in the fridge to slow additional fermentation. If not, run your mixer for another minute or so. Cut the fior di latte into thick slices and then sticks. I’ve updated the table to try to make this more clear. Shouldn’t take more than another minute. Now the dough feels grainy and less elastic, so I feel I’m going to work it it more before the next step. Obviously this may change between types of yeast, but I measured Fleishman’s instant yeast and counted the individual yeast balls and weighed them. Trust me, your friends will love you for this . Cover the dough again and set your timer for 12 minutes. The prefect pizza is a high temp pizza. Womp. Remove from the bowl and knead for around 5 minutes. You have truly made a great recipe for Neopolitan pizza! I can get 6 300 gram dough balls in mine. Is this a problem? When you are ready to cook, open the dough. You will learn things along the way. The relative humidity where you store your yeast could also affect the measurement. I’ve doubled recipes to make things easier to measure but I’ve never tried freezing the dough so I have no idea. Thank you ! I built a wood-fired forno in my backyard several years ago, but my dough was inconsistent. Just keep doing what you are doing. I don’t have it worked out for active I am afraid. Set a timer so you don’t forget. Way more accurate than the knob on the front. Not 26 and not 28 and certainly not 29. Also, I’ll be using active dry yeast so I’m confused how to incorporate this into the recipe as well. First day is bulk ferment. Thanks for the amazing content. I’m not trying to discourage you here. Before you get too far understand that Neapolitan pizza is cooked with high heat. Hard to say without seeing it. Top the pizza and bake at 450°C / 840°F for 60-90 seconds. Thanks!! Thanks so much! I’ve had a few people leave me ridiculous comments lately about how this recipe can’t possibly work despite obviously never having tried it. – The scale I use to measure my gun power is accurate to 1/1000 of a gram. Clearly there’s something about Neapolitan pizza that brings out the best in people! Don’t look elsewhere this is the recipe for you. I find that really helpful to dial the deck temperature oven. The nice thing is now they are in the hundreds of dollars. Quick question on fridge prove – how long before cooking did you remove dough from fridge? I use Caputo Blue myself and don’t have problems with over-fermentation/gluten strength. I love it that now I can cook many perfect dishes, but the road was long and hard. Every time I try this (fourth now) my dough is too wet and I end up having to add flour to be able to handle it. That’s the fold. While stirring, slowly add the rest of the flour and the sugar. I tried it this weekend and it went pretty well. Thank you and welcome! my wine cellar averages about 59 degrees Fahrenheit.. is there a way to get the yeast/starter table for lower temperatures or is that too cold for proofing? Authentic neapolitan pizza recipe has just four ingredients (for the dough): water; flour; yeast; salt. I usually leave my dough to ferment in the basement where temperature swings are less pronounced. upon making this dough i am able to form it into a nice dough ball, after 2 days however, it just settles into the Tupperware and loses is nice ball shape. 1. Then add the fior di latte, some extra-virgin-olive-oil and one basil leaf and…, … and make the pizza slide from the shovel (plate) onto the hot baking tray. Put it in a strainer, so that the water in excess can be removed. excited to try this!! I have tried your pizza dough recipe . A little bit of yeast. Don’t give up. Not sure I fully understand so if my answer isn’t quite right that’s why. It is not the right dough for your kitchen oven…. That isn’t enough time to develop the flavours fully so I’ve never spent the time to try to figure it out. Just works that way with the quantities specified. If you found the dough was hard to work then I would guess it was over proofed. Barely anything happens. Luckily it’s becoming a thing. The days of needing a wood burning oven are behind us. And then some. That’s a nice looking oven. Nothing else. Have faith. A bit ragged maybe, but a cohesive ball. Authentic neapolitan pizza recipe has just four ingredients (for the dough): The consequence is that you need to need two more ingredients: extra-virgin-olive-oil and sugar. Pull out your stand mixer. First, the tomato (about 1.5 table spoon each pizza), with circular movements, avoiding the rim. Maybe 775-80F to start? This isn’t chemistry class. Hello Romain, This is about artisan. A lot. It always amazes me how something so simple can be so complicated…. The art of making it is so relevant to the Italian culture, that authentic neapolitan pizza recipe has been included on UNESCO‘s list of intangible cultural heritage. That’s a tricky one. Thanks for clarifying and sorry for being a dummy lol! Might not be quite as good as sourdough. The oil just makes things easier. Thank you. Hoping you can help. I keep a sourdough starter going at all times. mozzarella if you cannot find fior di latte.

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