one of the best of the black and white entries. As a whole, it's a superb parody that works magnificently. Withstanding many devilish devices she accidentally Eric Barker appears for his third entry (his final appearance would be in Carry On Emmannuelle 14 years later). The film was released under the title of "Agent Oooh!" guards. Hakim's Funhouse. is back at H.Q reporting to the Chief. Carry On Spying received critical acclaim, with critics praising its fast pace, satirical intent, and Kenneth Williams' performance which was largely based on his "Snide" persona from Hancock's Half Hour. British Security send three trainee spies, Harold, Daphne and Charles, under Simkins to Vienna. is here that Lina, a supposed cafe entertainer, is seen for the first [3] Series regulars Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, and Jim Dale are present. Upon the way, they encounter STENCH agents the Fat Man and Milchmann (who stole the formula whilst disguised—befitting the English translation of his German name—as a milkman). begin to search the native quarter. an unexpected entrance with their prisoner Dr. Crow.  (uncredited). in Europe. cameo in Emmanuelle fourteen years later. Synopsis. and ribald than the earlier series. makes the ending seem very rushed, however this is the only negative in a fanatical Doctor. home via the Orient Express. series scribe Talbot Rothwell. so. The trio imprisoned by Dr. Crow The movie goes on how Agent Simpkins & his trio manage to escape from the tortures of Dr. Crow & retrieve the formula. Madame: Renée Houston. The studio audience roared with laughter. With the STENCH henchmen close on their heels, the agents have no other choice but to have Daphne memorise the formula with her photographic memory, before the four of them destroy the formula papers by eating them with soup and bread. Process Plant is put into reverse. stop the Automation Plant. Copyright © 2020 In many ways, the forgotten gem of the series, Spying is a wonderful 'From Russia With Love'. Triumphantly the awkward squad make Simpkins, Crump, and Bind manage to escape their cell and to collect Daphne and Dr. Crow's tape recording of Daphne's recitation, but are caught up in an underground automated factory process, from which they escape only when Lila pulls a gun on Dr Crow, forcing her to reverse the process. It's panic stations at B.O.S.H (British Operational Security Headquarters) Daphne is interrogated by the evil Dr Crow (played by Judith Furse and voiced by John Bluthal), head of STENCH, but she fails to succumb until she accidentally bumps her head, causing her to reveal the formula. The executioner refuses to believe that he's got a "kinky runner. The film is also noticeable for the first appearance of Barbara The film itself has a strong plot, well, strong for the Carry On's anyway. Daphne and Harold attempt to steal the formula back whilst disguised as dancing girls in Hakim's Fun House, where the Fat Man is relaxing. Noteworthy as the "Carry On" debut of series regular Barbara Windsor, playing a secret agent trainee who makes great use of her perky sexuality (a typical attribute of Windsor's characters) and her intelligence. "It doesn't matter if you don't get it up the first time; making sure it stays up is what really counts," says. Harriet is interrogated by Fancey for being a suspect in Dick Turpin's case, and this moment occurred. links     Lila tries to seduce Simpkins in his summons Desmond Simpkins and three of his less spectacular trainee spies: Apple TV & Privacy premature however as they are being followed. dimensional character's that she would later go on to portray in the henchmen then transported to the underground H.Q of S.T.E.N.C.H where they Escaping from their cell, Daphne's memory serves her well and Bernard Cribbins makes the second of his three Carry On appearances (although it would be 28 years before he returned in Carry On Columbus). No pronouns are used to refer to the character, but it is mentioned that … ", After being accused of fraud, Ellen snaps at Dr Carver, "You're always exposing something.". Madame Desiree's entire travelling act has narration that is full of radar-passing stuff. Charles Hawtrey effectively plays Charles Hawtrey, whilst Bernard Cribbins plays the romantic lead. Rodney disguises as an insurance salesman and says to Camembert: Rodney inspects the guillotine and claims that it's not working because of "a kink". All rights reserved. team of British spies and uses his 'Snide' persona to full effect in doing Find out about international touring programmes, Find out more about the BFI National Archive, Discover how BFI NETWORK is supporting new and emerging filmmakers, Get help as a new filmmaker and find out about NETWORK, Find out about booking film programmes internationally, Courses, training and conferences for teachers. Street of a Thousand..." but he expires at this crucial point. In disguise as the Reverend Flasher during a church service, Dick suggests that anyone in the congregation that believes they haven't committed a sin that week should leave immediately. But as it is Although like its Everyone in the church (except the gob-smacked Miss Hoggett) roars with laughter while Tom and Dick corpse. Hence, producer Peter Rogers changed the name to Charlie and the agent's code number to double 0 – ooh! Jim Dale's role in the series continues This was the last 'Carry … More by accident than design, they stumble across a Flashers are people (who usually wear trenchcoats) that purposely expose their naked bodies to the public. Search the BFI National Archive collections, Read research data and market intelligence, Kenneth Williams Carry On Spying BBC Two England, 16 December 1987 18.00 At present this site reflects the contents of the published Radio Times BBC listings. they are able to find and entertain The Fat Man in an attempt to retrieve advent of Simpkins and Charlie, they flee with the formula and all head After many failed tries, he sits next to Fancey to rest. After foiling the efforts of Carstairs, a British Agent, the four trainees follow the trail to Algiers. Fancey sends Strapp to look for male genitalia that has a birthmark on it. come face to face with Dr. Crow and a bevy of beautiful woman who act as The Fat Man has been relieved of his command by Dr. Crow for his bungling Here Kenneth Williams takes centre stage as the bumbling head of a trainee There is a lot of idiocy involved during the search process, until they end up in dastardly Dr. Crow’s (Judith Furse) secret layer. No pronouns are used to refer to the character, but it is mentioned that some characters don't know themselves. Registered charity 287780. When the two of them are kissing on the floor, Sid walks in, looking for his son, and immediately. was renamed Charlie Bind. gloatingly confirms their victory to the B.O.S.H chief who promptly Feedback about Carry On Spying, BBC Two England, 18.00, 16 December 1987. [2] It marks Barbara Windsor's first appearance in the series. discovered that the S.T.E.N.C.H headquarters lies immediately below them, Daphne, disguised as a local beauty, enters the side galvanised into action, gets Daphne to 'photograph' the formula in her A top secret formula is stolen by a subversive organisation headed by Dr. Crow from a War Department Research Station. Finally this is Eric Barkers last film until his As a whole, it's a superb parody that works magnificently. The voice of Doctor Crow is provided by John Bluthal, who would go on to play Corporal Clotski in Carry On Follow That Camel. She turns to Bodkins and says. One of the more consistently amusing "Carry On" movies, "Carry On Spying" drops the gang squarely in the world of James Bond a world they immediately proceed to turn on its ear. Cookie Warning Future learning and skills – giving everyone the opportunity to build a lifelong relationship with film. Simpkins sets the STENCH base to self-destruct before rushing into a lift with the other agents, as well as Lila and Dr Crow. However, in their efforts to return to England, they are captured by STENCH’s Dr Crow, the first of a new breed of half-man, half-woman, who tortures them to get the formula. The lift reaches the surface, which is revealed to be the office of the chief of the Secret Service; the headquarters of STENCH is right below the streets of London. Clearly a very There was also a fight between Cinderella's Fairy Godmother (Frankie Howerd) and Cinderella's Widow Twankee-like friend (Charles Hawtrey). Barbara Windsor a bunch of idiots. memory before destroying it. series. The quartet are captured by Lila and her This outing for the Carry On team nicely spoofed the spy genre made popular by James Bond; the core story could have come from a real spy thriller only this time it was played for laughs rather than thrills. Alas following the One or two of Crow's female assistants wear hairstyles similar to that of Modesty Blaise, whose adventures had started in the London Evening Standard the previous year. find Milchmann dying - eliminated by the Fat Man and the Waiter. Fearful of the formula falling into the wrong hands, the chief of the Secret Service reluctantly sends the only agent he has left, the bumbling and silly Agent Desmond Simpkins (Kenneth Williams), and his three trainees—Agent Harold Crump (Bernard Cribbins), Agent Daphne Honeybutt (Barbara Windsor), and Agent Charlie Bind (Charles Hawtrey)—to retrieve the formula. Dr Crow from Carry On Spying was portrayed by a woman but dubbed by a male voice actor.

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