PHP filters are used to validate and sanitize external input. ARRAY_FILTER_USE_BOTH – passes both value and key as arguments to callback instead of the value. See your article appearing on the GeeksforGeeks main page and help other Geeks. PHP array_change_key_case Function | Change Key Case, PHP array_chunk Function | Split Array Into Chunks, PHP array_column Function | Get Column Values From Array, PHP array_combine Function | Combine Two Arrays, PHP array_count_values Function | Count of Values in Array, PHP array_diff Function | Compute Differences in Arrays, PHP array_diff_assoc Function | Compute Difference in Array, PHP array_diff_key Function | Array Difference on Keys, PHP array_fill Function | Fill Array with Values, PHP array_fill_keys Function | Fill Array Specifying Keys, PHP array_filter Function | Filter Array using Callback, PHP array_flip Function | Exchange Key Values From Array, PHP array_intersect Function | Compute Intersection of Arrays, PHP array_intersect_assoc Function | Intersection of Arrays, PHP array_intersect_key Function | Intersection of Arrays, PHP array_key_exists Function | Check If Key Exists in Array, PHP array_keys Function | Return Array Containing Keys, PHP array_map Function | Modify Array In PHP, PHP array_merge Function | Merge Two or More Arrays, PHP array_merge_recursive Function | Merge Recursively, PHP array_multisort | Sort Multiple or Multidimensional Array, PHP array_pad Function | Pad Array to a Specified Length, PHP array_pop Function | Remove Elements From Array, PHP array_product Function | Product of Array Elements, PHP array_push Function | Insert elements In Array, PHP array_rand Function | Pick Random Keys From Array, PHP array_reduce Function | Reduce Array To Single Value, PHP array_reverse Function | Reverse Array, PHP array_search Function | Search Value in Array, PHP array_shift Function | Remove From Beginning From Array, PHP array_slice Function | Extract Slice of Array, PHP array_sum Function | Calculate Sum Elements in Array, PHP array_unique Function | Removing Duplicates From Array, PHP array_unshift Function | Add Elements at Starting of Array, PHP array_values Function | Return Values of Array, PHP array_walk Function | Iterating Array Elements, PHP arsort Function | Sort Associative Arrays Descending Order, PHP asort Function | Sort Associative Arrays Ascending Order, PHP compact Function | Create Array From Variables, PHP count Function | Return Count of Array Elements, PHP current Function | Get Current Element in Array, PHP end Function | Get the Last Element in Array, PHP Explode Function | Convert String To Array, PHP extract Function | Array To Variable Conversion, PHP implode Function | Join Array Elements, PHP in_array Function | Check If Element Exists in Array, PHP join Function | Join Array Elements into a String, PHP JSON Functions | Encode and Decode JSON in PHP, PHP json_decode Function | Decode JSON String, PHP json_encode Function | JSON Representation of Value, PHP krsort Function | Sort Arrays By Key Descending Order, PHP ksort Function | Sort Arrays By Key Ascending Order, PHP natcasesort Function | Case-Insensitive Natural Order, PHP natsort Function | Sort Using Natural Order Algorithm, PHP next Function | Advance Internal Pointer, PHP prev Function | Rewind Internal Pointer, PHP range Function | Create Array With Range of Elements, PHP reset Function | Set Internal Pointer to First Element, PHP rsort Function | Sort Array in Descending Order, PHP shuffle Function | Randomly Shuffle an Array, PHP sizeof Function | Return Count of Array Elements, PHP sort Function | Sort Array in Ascending Order, PHP strpbrk Function | Search String For Set of Characters, PHP uasort | Sort Associative Array By Value Using Callback, PHP uksort | Sort Associative Array By Key Using Callback, PHP usort | Sort By Value Using User-Defined Function.

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