Feature films Muriel Finster also went to the police but they didn't believe the story and she instead gathered the other teachers for help. James Woods Dr. Phillium Benedict Phillium in his youth, thirty years ago. Directed by Chuck Sheetz. ... with the disappearance ofits leader, former Secretary of Education Phillium Benedict. It can be implied that Benedict and his cohorts will be sent to prison and serve a long sentence or a lifetime sentence for their crimes. This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Recess: School's Out. Home Wickedpedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. Being at the end of his wits, Benedict furiously orders his men out to get the students and teachers. Phillium believed that doing so will force students to remain inside to study during the summer, though this was inaccurate since he would endanger the lives of others with his plan. 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Meanwhile, T.J.'s friends gathered up all of the students to help rescue T.J. and Prickly and reclaim the school. Starting up in his first year as principal of Third Street Elementary during the spring of 1968, Benedict plotted to abolish recess in order to keep students in their classes to raise test scores and further his career. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Founder and Leader of the Anti-Recess Legion, To eliminate Recess (and later summer vacations) in order to improve the U.S. test score grades, Become elected as President of the United States (all failed). Fortunately, T.J. threw his lucky baseball to Vince and had him throw it at the reactor core, destroying the tractor beam and the machine, much to Benedict's distraught. Pooh's Adventures Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. The Anti-Recess Legion is the main antagonistic faction of the 2001 Disney animated film Recess: School's Out!. Phillium Benedict was once the principal of Third Street School, where he used to be the best friend of current principal Peter Prickly and the boyfriend of the current groundskeeper Muriel Finster. He is then shocked to see the arriving Muriel, he compliments her continued beauty and begs her to come back to him but she refuses and insults him as a "two-bit recess hating pretty boy". He will become an enemy of Winnie the Pooh and his friends in, He became an enemy of Tino Tonitini, Ash Ketchum, and their friends in, He is voiced by James Woods who also voiced. He called Pete into his office, as the latter told him of an idea to hold class outside on the playground while Phillium liked the thought, he instead told him that he planned to abolish recess in order to keep students in their class to raise test scores and further his career. Due to his vanity, he’s very obsessed with keeping his suits nice and clean. During the next 30 years, Benedict quit teaching and went into politics, and then was eventually appointed U.S. Secretary of Education. After stealing a tractor beam from a U.S. military base, Benedict, his chief of security & second-in-command Kojak, his head scientist Professor Fenwick, and his henchmen (composed of agents, ninjas & scientists) took over Third Street Elementary School and used it as their home-base, since it was closed for the summer and was the last place on Earth that the authorities would look for the equipment. However, as Phillium slumps over, he triggers the beam and Prickly cannot reverse it. Phillium still desired to settle things and win back Muriel. To prevent anyone from stopping his plan, he had any trespassers teleported into the school after putting a device on the door to allow it. The fact that a city with a polar climate such as Barrow, Alaska has a summer vacation is evidence of this. He also had the auditorium altered to be the main control room for the tractor beam. He eventually learned that T.J. and Prickly had managed to sneak into his office and found his walkie talkie, although not before T.J. alerted them that Benedict's plan was to get rid of summer vacation after stumbling on a mural (presumably painted by Benedict himself and/or his men) depicting the end of summer vacation. Benedict gloated on the imminent success. Benedict angrily orders his henchmen to seize the children, and though the gang manage to escape, T.J. was captured and imprisoned along with Prickly in the stock room. He serves as the main antagonist of the film. T.J. and Principal Prickly, who were captured by him when they tried to infiltrate, manage to escape and they learn of Benedict's goal. Benedict reveals his goals and locks the two away again. He also used to have medium-long blond hair. The next day, Benedict summoned Prickly and T.J. back into his office, where he explained how he planned to accomplish his goal: on Lunar Perigee (the time when the Moon's closest to the Earth on orbit), he will fire the tractor beam at the Moon to alter its orbit with the intention of causing the entire Earth to freeze over into an ice age and eliminate summer, thus eliminating summer vacation. Benedict was once Principal of Third Street Elementary and Secretary of Education. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Secretary of Education (fired)Criminal MastermindAnti-Recess Legion Founder & Leader, Benedict eventually leads an army of ninjas and agents dressed like Secret Service agents, as well as two lackies Fenwick and a very weird and scary-looking bald person, and was bent on eliminating Summer Vacation for good. During his rant, he fell off the pavement and it presumably injured his legs enough for him to require a cane in his older years. He also had Fenwick and the scientists conduct frequent tests at the school involving miniature tractor beams in the auditorium, one of which T.J. Detweiller (the protagonist of the film) accidentally witnessed while fuming about how his summer was going. Angered by her rejection, he promised to make her eat her words only to see that she brought all of the teachers and staff to help the students stop Benedict and his men for good.

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