Determined or relentless, eloquent or bombastic, charming or manipulative. In southern Gaza and parts of the West Bank there is often no sanctuary from the seemingly relentless, indiscriminate Israeli shooting. Erzberger continued to be pursued by the relentless animosity of the reactionary parties, the Conservatives (now called Deutsch-Nationalen) and the National Liberals (now styling themselves the Deutsche Volkspartei). click for more sentences of relentless: 20. How do you use relentless in a sentence? Although he had been entrusted by his father to the guardianship of the church, he was pursued with relentless hatred by pope Innocent IV., who sought to bestow the kingdom of Sicily on a foreign prince. 6. The song also works on multiple levels, describing both the power of music to make you get up and dance and the relentless forces of change seen in the integration storyline. All Rights Reserved. relentless march of out of town retail development. One key reason was the company opted to step back from the, 38. By that time I was chilled to the bone, exhausted from the. › Inconsequentem [inˈkänsəˌkwentinˈkänsəkwənt], © 2020 Roll on, relentless Time. Relentless is only one way to describe Rice's spirit. Alan Parker translates the music into memorable images that are just relentless. john humphrys — "I h8 txt msgs: How texting is wrecking our language," The Daily Mail (2007-09-24) Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. The pressures can be relentless, and finding a silver lining in the clouds of worry that fill your days can be difficult. Relentless definition is - showing or promising no abatement of severity, intensity, strength, or pace : unrelenting. Fred made up for his lack of inches by waging psychological warfare in the form of a relentless monologue. The rule of the marzbans was marked by relentless persecution of the Christians, forced conversions to Magism, frequent insurrections and the rise to importance of the great families founded by men of Assyrian, Parthian, Persian, Syrian and Jewish origin, and in some cases of royal blood, who had been governors of districts, or holders of fiefs under the Arsacids. relentless persecution by gamekeepers up until the late 1930's resulted in extermination everywhere except for a small population in north Wales. Many people fell before his relentless orders. We must therefore remain relentless in advancing the education agenda.” Her stare is relentless as if to ask, what does the future hold?""" In the meantime German artillery kept up their relentless barrage on allied positions. The sailors struggled with the circuit as the wind seemed relentless. If we may believe Tei`kullian, it was Praxeas of Asia Minor, the relentless foe of Montanism, who succeeded in persuading the Roman bishop to withhold his letters of conciliation.'. The hours flew by in their relentless journey to forever. Fred made up for his lack of inches by waging psychological warfare in the form of a, 34. 31. This may be true, but if it isn't, you may incur vet bills, sleepless nights listening to relentless coughing, and a myriad of other aggravations. Determined or relentless, eloquent or bombastic, charming or manipulative. 2016-02-25 02:04:07 2016-02-25 02:04:07. Within the burrow, the spadefoot achieves a high degree of protection from the, 43. Another important purpose of attic insulation is to protect your home from heat extremes in the summer, when hot summer days can make your air conditioner work overtime if you don't have some protection from the relentless sun overhead. 例文帳に追加 実世界時間は時計をコチコチと刻むことと遂行できる厳格なスケジュールとから成っているが、一方ウェブ上での時間は、撚り合わされた糸と物語のように進行する。 Many people fell before his relentless orders. His relentless hatred only made him a lonely person. On the other hand, in the case of the obdurate, he showed a relentless precision, which gained for him his evil name, ` The Bloody Clavers,' the commissioned servant of the powers of darkness.". Richelieu had sent to the block the first noble of France, the last of a family illustrious for seven centuries, the feudal head of the nobility of Languedoc; then, unmoved by threats or entreaties, inexorable as fate itself, he cowed all opposition by his relentless vengeance. His relentless war against his neighbor caused fear and anger. The more important are the Hualapais or ApacheYumas; the Mohaves; the Yavapais or Apache-Mohaves; the Yumas, whose lesser neighbours on the lower Colorado are the most primitive Indians of the United States in habits; the He led a strong fight against the relentless rulings of the committee. Those hospital corridors are long and the patients are relentless. 「カテゴリ」「情報源」を複数指定しての検索が可能になりました。(プレミアム会員限定), He was relentless in demanding repayment of the debt.例文帳に追加, Our relentless and cooperative efforts over the last two years have delivered strong results.例文帳に追加, 過去2年間にわたる我々の絶え間のない協調的な取組は,強固な成果を生み出している。 - 財務省, In recent years, requests for shorter delivery times have become relentless; however, the adoption of this system has enabled shorter delivery times to be met smoothly.例文帳に追加, 近年、短納期への要求が厳しくなっているが、同システムの導入により、短納期への対応を円滑に行える。 - 経済産業省, In the future, the Japanese manufacturing industries may be exposed to relentless cost competition with Asian countries.例文帳に追加, 今後、我が国製造業は、アジア諸国との競争で際限ないコスト競争にさらされる可能性がある。 - 経済産業省, Real world time consists of ticking clocks and the relentless schedules they enable, while on the Web, time runs as intertwining threads and stories.例文帳に追加, 実世界時間は時計をコチコチと刻むことと遂行できる厳格なスケジュールとから成っているが、一方ウェブ上での時間は、撚り合わされた糸と物語のように進行する。 - コンピューター用語辞典, While we support that the EBRD has sufficient capital to fulfill its mandate, we call for the EBRD's continued and relentless efforts in rationalizing costs and ensuring efficient operations.例文帳に追加, 我が国は、 EBRDがその使命を果たすために十分な資金基盤を有することを支持すると同時に、引き続き弛まぬ合理化努力と効率的な業務運営を行っていくことを求めます。 - 財務省, The procurator made a relentless exposure of the prisoner's crimes.例文帳に追加, He made a relentless exposure of the secrets.例文帳に追加, Yoshinori was said to be sometimes relentless.例文帳に追加, 義教は苛烈な側面を有していた。 - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス, 石でできた男のように冷酷だった。 - Robert Louis Stevenson『ジキルとハイド』, The relentless beating heat was beginning to confuse me例文帳に追加, 容赦のない熱気にぼくの頭は混乱しはじめていた。 - F. Scott Fitzgerald『グレイト・ギャツビー』, relentless and indefatigable in pursuit or as if in pursuit例文帳に追加, 追求において、あるいは追求するかのごとく容赦なく、根気強い - 日本語WordNet, It is believed that Gene created Kyogen with the aim to form a fine personality as well as to preach the path of humanity in the times of uncertainty filled with relentless conflicts.例文帳に追加, 玄恵は戦争の打ち続く不安定な時代において、立派な人格の養成と人としての生きる道を説くために狂言を創始したという。 - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス, After capturing and securing Retired Emperor Goshirakawa and Josaimonin (his biological sister), they torched Sanjo Palace and unleashed a relentless barrage of arrows against those who tried to flee.例文帳に追加, 後白河上皇・上西門院(後白河の同母姉)の身柄を確保すると、三条殿に火をかけて逃げる者には容赦なく矢を射掛けた。 - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス, The zuryo whose terms of office were approaching the end was often engaged in relentless exploitative activities according to the law and regulations, to accomplish respectable achievements.例文帳に追加, 任期切れ間近の受領は、成績をあげるためにしばしば法令どおりの苛烈な収奪を行った。 - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス, The Hitsuke-tozoku-aratame-kata officers belonged to the bankata (guardians), who were military officers, and therefore, their cracking-down operations were relentless and were feared by the general public.例文帳に追加, 火付盗賊改方は武官である番方であるが故に取り締まりは苛烈を極め、市井の人々からは恐れられた。 - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス, Therefore, many adverse effects, for example, of arresting a wrong person due to relentless cracking-down operations,, were caused, and therefore, the post remained abolished for a while but was reestablished in 1702.例文帳に追加, そのため、熾烈な取り締まりによる誤認逮捕等の弊害も多く、一時廃止されていたが、1702年(元禄15年)再設置された。 - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス, Zen Style emphasized to attainment of one's own enlightenment through strict, severe and relentless ascetic practice and it intended to revive the Zen Style prevailed in the period of the Tang Dynasty.例文帳に追加, 禅風は厳格で、容赦ない厳しさをもって人に接し、深く自己の悟境を掘り下げていくことを重視し、唐代の禅風の復活を志向した。 - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス, In the boom of ninkyo (men of chivalry) films which became the new mainstream at Toei after the late 1960s, he produced several yakuza (Japanese gangster) films including "Nippon Ankokushi, Chi no Koso" (Japanese dark history, bloody conflicts, 1967) and "Nippon Ankokushi, Nasakemuyo" (Japanese dark history, relentless fight, 1968).例文帳に追加, 60年代後半から東映の新たな主流路線となった任侠ものでも、『日本暗黒史・血の抗争』(1967年)、『日本暗黒史・情無用』(1968年)のやくざ映画を手がけた。 - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス, but even this and the increased insecurity of life to which it led, owing to the crocodile's pertinacity [persistance], hardly account for a vindictiveness so relentless and malignant.例文帳に追加, ただ、このためにワニがいつも跡をつけねらうので、命をますます脅かされるようになったことだけでは、これほどまでに情け容赦ない敵意にみちた復讐心の説明にはなりません。 - James Matthew Barrie『ピーターパンとウェンディ』, For years the strategy of the match-maker had gone gracefully afield, but Fate is relentless.例文帳に追加, 間に立って口をきこうという話もずいぶんあったが、ごく自然に立ち消えになってしまう状態が長いこと続いていた。とはいえ、運命の女神は底意地が悪い。 - Melville Davisson Post『罪体』, All the afternoon he sat in the stalls wrapped in the most perfect happiness, gently waving his long, thin fingers in time to the music, while his gently smiling face and his languid, dreamy eyes were as unlike those of Holmes the sleuth-hound, Holmes the relentless, keen-witted, ready-handed criminal agent, as it was possible to conceive.例文帳に追加, その午後を通して彼はこれ以上はない幸せに包まれて一等席に座り、細く、長い指を音楽に合わせて優しく揺らし、その優しく微笑んだ顔や気だるい、夢見るような目は探偵ホームズ、容赦ない、頭の切れる、迅速な犯罪捜査官ホームズのそれとは想像も及ばぬほど違っていた。 - Arthur Conan Doyle『シャーロック・ホームズの冒険』, Nagayasu and the Miyoshi army, whose home bases were Noda Castle and Fukushima Castle, fiercely resisted in the continuous battles known as 'Genki Soran,' however, Nobunaga's attacks were so relentless that they triggered a sense of crisis in Ishiyama Hongwan-ji Temple, with their main base in Settsu, which was also opposed Nobunaga; finally they were prompted to join the anti-Nobunaga armies (outbreak of Ishiyama Gassen).例文帳に追加, 「元亀争乱」と呼ばれる一連の動乱において、野田城及び福島城を根拠地とする長逸ら三好軍の抵抗は激しかったが、これに対する信長の攻撃は苛烈なものであり、同じく信長と不仲な摂津に本拠をもつ石山本願寺の危機感を煽ることになり、ついには本願寺の反信長陣営への参加を促すことになる(石山合戦の勃発)。 - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス, 原題:”STRANGE CASE OF DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE”,, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.

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