B  [‘Mesmerized the audience’ is not an idiom because meaning can be directly deduced] 3. If you’re head over heels, you’re completely in love. Want to learn more? 1. Example: I poured my heart out to my colleague about the mismanagement in the Company. Example: Both of us are in the same boat – without jobs. All the talking and talking, it never fucking stops. If he has promised to put in a word for you, he will. Example: I think the CEO hit the nail on the head when he said that the organization was losing market share because of complacency and security. A. Example: Jack made no bones about getting a hike in his salary. 9. The party president moved in to _____. If you close the door on someone or something, you no longer deal with it. They clearly _____. If you’re a chip off the old block, you’re similar in some distinct way to your father or mother. This is really a good one and yea you made it a “piece of cake” for me. Reaching late made me miss the boat. C   9. Example: X: I’m alive today because I failed to board the plane that crashed yesterday. Example: $5 for a can of juice! Harry: So I noticed you sitting alone on the edge, and I thought, “Hey, kindred spirit.” I really hate when people say “kindred spirit,” you know. B   5. To reverse the course of events from one extreme to another. To support a person or action that later turns out to be unsuccessful. “Hi Tom, speak of the devil, I was just telling Sara about your new car.”, 3. guns. I’m not yet done with my explanation. Confidence. Keep looking at her. Obviously in this case, she works 3 whole days. Breathing Space. If something runs its course, it continues naturally until it finishes. The CEO had to _____ after the company’s product failed to live up to pre-launch claims. Example - His music became a smash hit in a week's time. Example: We’ve lost the deal we bid for last month. Example: He doesn’t hit the bottle often, but when he does, he can be nasty. Copyright 2019 © Lemon Grad. Learn more. If you’ve the last laugh in an argument or disagreement, you ultimately succeed from a seemingly losing position. country is going to dogs. Meaning - Living a lifestyle that saves you from the real world Example: Despite an injury, he stayed the course to save the match for his team. 1. D  [‘Tried to be friends with me’ is not an idiom] 9. Something such as failure or rejection that is difficult to accept, but has to be accepted. 8. So how did you do? Hi really nice idioms could u add some more. Idioms are words or phrases that aren’t meant to be taken literally and usually have a cultural meaning behind them. ‘Let someone off the hook’ – To allow someone, who have been caught, to not be punished. Do you know an example of this idiom from another movie or TV show? Meaning - Wanting expensive things that you can not This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Example: The two brothers went public accusing each other of fraud, washing dirty linen in the public in the process. Example: Some of the bank employees have been allegedly working hand in glove with business owners to sanction loans without proper due diligence. O) I can’t believe that was our test. “I thought this no-brand bread would be horrible; turns out you can’t judge a book by its cover.”, 14. 18. Submit Small Talk Idiom Examples. If you steal the show, you get lot of attention or credit in an event or show. For example, the idiom ‘bite off more than you can chew’ doesn’t mean you bite more than a mouthful of a cake or something else and then struggle to chew. ‘A piece of cake’– something is very easy. Click on the tabs below to open the quiz and its answers. Example: Why are you pointing finger at me? Example: Seeing the cops, the arsonists beat a hasty retreat. If an animal is put to sleep, it is killed by a veterinarian to relieve it of its pain and suffering. ‘Let the cat out of the bag’ – to accidentally reveal a secret. 4. 2. Example: My heart skipped few beats while scrolling down the exam result on the notice board. Example: The country decided to close the door on talks till other outstanding issues are resolved. The new model is selling like hot cakes. Example: Someone for sure spilled the beans about the plan of jail inmates to smuggle in weapons. Talk about what TV shows you’ve fallen behind on. Example: The meteorology department was quite off the mark in predicting rainfall this week. Example: After the new product failed to set the sales number rolling, the team went back to the drawing board. Example - With a win of more of than 40% seats in the first two Meaning - Failing to take advantage of an opportunity because ‘To kill two birds with one stone’ – to solve two problems at once. To maintain one’s position despite disagreement and opposition from others. Idiom Meaning: An idiom is a group of words that are used as a common expression whose meaning is not deducible from that of the literal words. thank for the wonderful idiom May God bless u, This is really helping me and my friends improve in our academics, Am so grateful of the idoms they are really good .

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