He has two brothers named Dragoljub and Milan. On the flip side, a throw could be killed off in case there is a surprising budget restriction and the requirement to decrease cost. Stay tuned and connected to IdolPersona for more celebrity stories. They both started dating in 2009 but they split up in 2012. Stana Katic has been married for almost five years now, and she still seems to be too secretive about her romantic life. He has previously worked as the vice president of sales at Dispute Suite, a software company in Florida, and currently owns an international sales and development company. While Kris has Serbian ancestry, Stana is also Serbo-Croatian by birth. Recommended: Things You Need to Know about Anna Faris' First Husband Ben Indra. Still, it seems she's grown accustomed to continuous recurring roles on television as she was off to Europe [Bulgaria] to film 'Absentia'. They were spotted at the 2012 Elton John Academy Awards viewing party in LA, Katic wearing a stunning purple gown. L'héroïne de la série à succès Castle a épousé son compagnon de longue date. "Photo Source: Stana Katic, Instagram, Another smart & sweet dedication for her husband, September 2017.Photo Source: Stana Katic, Instagram, Out to attend festivals, June 2019.Photo Source: Stana Katic, Instagram, Subtly out for a pizza, June 2019.Photo Source: Pinterest. The two announced their engagement in 2014, and the next year, on April 25, 2015, one day before her 37th birthday, they got married in a private ceremony at an Orthodox Serbian family monastery on the Dalmatian coast region in Croatia. The other one was when she proclaimed him her favorite travel companion. Katic is one of the six children born to her parents; she has a sister and four brothers. This powerhouse is the Senior VP of development at Sony. The actress came into the limelight following her role as Detective Kate Beckett in the TV series titled Castle from 2009 to 2016. It might possibly be a individual decision of an throw to depart mentioning reasons for unfulfillment or unhappiness using a job which he or she’s part of. What's Up with Kaitlin Olson's Plastic Surgery Discussions? Fans were blown away when wedding reports of two came around, especially because she was linked to her 'Castle' co-star Nathan Fillion & Brkljac was named a "longtime boyfriend". And CrunchBase has some background in his field of business. David Dobrik Wiki, Net Worth, Parents, Family, Siblings, High School, Top 10 Richest Actors In Bollywood Wiki Bio, Net Worth, Parents, Waka Flocka Wiki Bio, Net Worth, Brother, Kids, Daughter, Real Name, Trey Songz Bio, Net Worth, Now, Body, Brother, Dating, Real Name, Kids, Who’s Laura Linney? #StanaKaticBrkljac #StanaKatic #StanaKatić #Kris #Brkljac #KristanaBabies #Kristana #Castle #CastleFandom #Stanatic #Stanatics, A post shared by shaken by Stana (@xstanax) on Aug 9, 2015 at 8:15am PDT. When it was confirmed that they were married, every other romantic link for Stana just died off. The Real Truth of His Weight Loss Here. The way he moved from the streets to selling his own company within a short period of time is nothing less than an exciting rags-to-riches story. What Are Omarion’s Most Notable Achievements? However, this is not the first time we heard about a prominent celebrity not being on social media. Kris Brkljac first met popular actress Stana Katic through her younger brother Marko Katic, whom he reportedly knew from his work in the field of business. Kris Brkljac worked as a business consultant for fortune 500 Companies as head executive strategist when he regularly talked to people who were struggling to develop an effective and relevant strategy for credit. Kris Brkljac is a very private person and does not have any social media profile, and while Stana has them, she hardly ever posted anything about their relationship, keeping the affair secret. https://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/kris-brkljac-45229.php, Celebrities Who Look Beautiful Even Without Makeup, The Top 25 Wrestling Announcers Of All Time. He was serving as the vice president of sales at Dispute Suite in 2006. Katic had a similar background to that of Brkljac, as she has part-Serbian roots but her parents are originally from Croatia, but she was born in Canada before her family settled in Aurora, Illinois in the US where she matriculated, before graduating from the University of Toronto with a degree in theatre. Stana Katic est sur un petit nuage ! Take a Look: The Married Life of Jacky Clark-Chisholm and Husband Glynn Chisholm Before His Demise According to the representatives, the couple married on April 25, 2015, a day before her birthday, "a private family monastery on the Dalmatian coast".

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