| Rating: 2.5/4.0 Inspirational and educational - but I have to say that I was upset that none of the crimes against humanity committed by the British portrayed in this movie, like the ones committed by the other mighty armies trying to "make it right"(for themselves) will ever be answered in the courts... it's just not right! Yet Justin Chadwick's movie shows old wounds being reopened. In 2004, Kimani N'gan'ga Maruge, here played by Oliver Litondo, was an 84-year-old man who had never gone to school; he responded to the government's announcement of free universal education by calmly presenting himself at a primary school and demanding to enroll. An 84-year-old Kenyan (Oliver Litondo) fights for his right to attend school for the first time and receive the education he previously could not afford. I would highly recommend this film because it conveys some very important messages, it is beautiful, extremely up-lifting and well-done. It's a complex scenario, but this movie winds up telling a straightforward, and slightly sucrose, heartwarming tale. Coming Soon. Her way is the one-man band. PG-13 (Some Disturbing Violent Cont.|Brief Nudity), drama, We have to learn from our past because we must not forget, and because we must be better. First Grader is set in Kenya and recounts the true story of an 84-year-old farmer and former Mau Mau tribesman who decided to go to school when the country introduced universal education. The First Grader - Official Movie Website. From the director of The Other Boleyn Girl comes a completely different story; one about perseverance and fighting for what is right. |, September 7, 2020 The First Grader is a quietly educational experience. Copyright © Fandango. Makes me count my American blessings. He even had an adult-sized uniform with big baggy shorts. The First Grader. Heartfelt. This true story of an 84 year old Kenyan man who, against all opposition, wants to make use of the new law of free education for first graders, is a perfect feel good movie. Why does someone as old as you want to go to school. Just below that it reads "Ticket Confirmation#:" followed by a 10-digit number. |. The First Grader is based on a true story and what a true story it is. Available for everyone, funded by readers. | Rating: 2/5 | Rating: 3/4 The First Grader tells the true story of Kimani Maruge, an 84-year-old veteran of Kenya's Mau Mau Uprising who enrolled in the first grade when the Kenyan government announced that it would make an elementary school education free to all, earning Maruge a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's oldest primary school student. Forgot your password? Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer. What sounds like a festival-movie parody-it's Billy Madison meets Hotel Rwanda!-turns out to be a politically complex, emotionally charged history lesson. Director Justin Chadwick explained the reasons saying: "We could have shot it in South Africa, but Kenya has this unbelievable, inexplicable energy - inherent in the children, and the people we were making the film about". | Rating: 3/5 We will share them as a class. |, June 23, 2011 Seems to go on for ever and manipulates its audience in the most nave of ways. |, June 23, 2011 Government administrators and politicians are nervous of these memories being reawakened; they are suspicious of Maruge's star status with the international press, and Maruge, for his part, is suspicious that these complacent politicians have tribal links with those collaborators who sided with the British in the bad old days. First Grader: One-Man Band, Junie tries to find another way to be active in her first grade kickoff tournament. |, August 24, 2018 Harris is so different here from her role in Pirates of the Caribbean as Tia Dalma. With stellar performances, gorgeously authentic cinematography and a winning story, the fact-based feature "The First Grader" moves to the head of the class despite poor marks in some fundamental filmmaking areas. The percentage of Approved Tomatometer Critics who have given this movie a positive review. Wonderful movie!! The main character's determination to realize his dream against all odds is truly inspiring. Your AMC Ticket Confirmation# can be found in your order confirmation email. Oliver Litondo and Naomie Harris are absolutely superb in their roles. 1. Don't have an account? Reflect on your reactions to the Together he and his young teacher face fierce resistance, but ultimately they win through - and also find a new way of overcoming the burdens of the colonial past. "The First Grader" Format: Present your reactions and research in a Prezi. I found this a heart warming story, and much to be learned from. Wow... that's what I said after watching this movie! Junie picks up the cymbals and start making a noise. Regal Durban International Film Festival (Audience Award – Feature Film) Emden International Film Festival (The DGB Trade Union Audience Choice Award and The Bernhard Wicki Best Film Award) | Top Critics (24) Just confirm how you got your ticket. After just studying the Mau Mau of Kenya and their struggles against the British in the 1960's for a school project, it's devastating to see it on the big screen. |, June 24, 2011 We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Outstanding biographical drama directed by Justin Chadwick, starring Naomie Harris, Oliver Litondo, and Tony Kgoroge, and based on the true story of Kimani Maruge, a Kenyan man - Mau Mau freedom fighter - who enrolled in elementary education at the age of 84 after the Kenyan government announced universal and free elementary education in 2003.

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