#MissCongeniality taught me to laugh at myself and get back up when I fall down. It was a moment most people who watched the 2000 film, "Miss Congeniality" wouldn't soon forget, and a date that would go down in Hollywood history forever. She laughs and answers "I wish". April 25th was once a date on which to wax nostalgic about one of Miss Congeniality’s most charming scenes. After all, Rhode Island is currently hovering at a lovely 61 degrees—that perfect sweet spot for a light jacket. or debate this issue live on our message boards. “In celebration of Miss Rhode Island’s #PerfectDate, I’m teaming up with @Match to give one follower their perfect date!” he captioned the post.” Tell us what your perfect date would be in the comments of this post and you could win $500 cash to make your perfect date come true. In the film, Bullock plays a no-nonsense FBI agent who is forced to go undercover as a contestant at the Miss United States beauty pageant, after the event receives a bomb threat from a terrorist. Schneider and Sandra Bullock were a couple at the time of this movie's release. The American star has since racked up a resume that’s cemented her as rom-com royalty. Sweeping transformation! In celebration of Miss Rhode Island’s #PerfectDate, I’m teaming up with @Match to give one follower their perfect date! She's beauty and she's grace, she's Miss United States, and now she has her Miss Congeniality Day. Many Austin locations were used in the film, such as the Dog and Duck Pub (where Gracie eats ice cream), and the Cue Lounge (featured in the botched mission, at the beginning of the film) among others. Share the best GIFs now >>> Backlash as police get test and trace data: Michael Gove is forced to defend the move after officers were... ROSS CLARK: This unholy alliance between the NHS and the police will destroy all trust. Nearly 20 years after the film’s debut, Shatner is celebrating the film’s iconic “perfect date” by teaming up with Match.com. Kaitlin Peek and Jenny Ky . Published: 15:56 BST, 25 April 2018 | Updated: 15:56 BST, 25 April 2018. Sandra Bullock and Benjamin Bratt appeared in Demolition Man (1993). Austin filming for the movie occurred in May and June of 2000. “It was really overwhelming but it was great.”. Or are we just living through days marked by existential confusion at our inability to predict temperatures based on the seasons? Tag @Match and @WilliamShatner with #PerfectDate for your chance to win! … No comments have so far been submitted. On Miss Congeniality Day, William Shatner, who starred in the film opposite Bullock, Michael Caine and Benjamin Bratt, posted a video on Instagram of him talking about the special day. In 2017, IMDB celebrated the day by posting the video of the clip on YouTube, while this year, everyone from Odeon, Boohoo and Miss Selfridge have been getting in on the act. Your “I Voted” can be your ticket to good deals on food and drinks around town. Number of white male teachers falls by 20% in just ten years, sparking fears of a lack of role models, Rape case prosecutors are told sext messages and hook-up apps are not 'blanket consent' for sex. In Hebrew it translates to "What an Officer". Stan Fields asks her, "Miss Rhode Island, please describe your idea of a perfect date." Tell us what your perfect date would be in the comments of this post and you could win $500 cash to make your perfect date come true. Miss Congeniality Day has been getting more and more traction on social media over the years. Instead of describing the typical walk on the beach or candlelight dinner, the young beauty queen takes a moment and answers, "That's a tough one. The movie "Miss Congeniality" officially made April 25 perfect weather day thanks to Miss Rhode Island's response to a question about a perfect date. That role was also one of her first projects out of film school. All you need is … ", was actually used as an answer in a real-life beauty pageant. “I trained in theatre and I was from the midwest. Connections There is a scene from the trailer which is missing in the final version of this movie. Well, no one’s laughing now, because that scene only serves to remind us that 2000 was a far simpler time before the effects of global warming had begun to ruin our understanding of seasonal temperatures. ", What the twins from 'Cheaper by the Dozen' and 'Desperate Housewives' look like now, 'This is cruel': Kylie Gillies gets put on the spot in surprise autocue challenge, 'Total lack of judgement': Why Ellen's apology is being slammed, Why Erika Eleniak never felt comfortable as a 'Baywatch' sex symbol, The alarming impact of COVID on suicide rates in Australia, Why Australia's unpaid carers need our support more than ever, Samantha Armytage talks fashion and horseracing ahead of the Everest Carnival, How wearing a mask can impact a child's psychological development. | And this year, she awoke from an on-screen coma in star-studded satire, The Politician. or debate this issue live on our message boards. The Starbucks scene, was shot in the middle of downtown Austin, just a few blocks from the Texas State Capital. “I get free coffee, people call me, I’ll walk around town and people will say, ‘Happy April 25th.’. 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