“Two birds went for dating. Glamour shimmered around him, and he gave us a wink. Hipster: I’m calling 911. 22. Tom rides a bicycle. Want to see more pictures of Lovebirds quotes? This is your fault!Moustache: Guys!Leilani: Do you really want to do this right now?Jibran: Oh, my God! [to Jibran and Leilani]Moustache: I trusted someone. And if you’re not with a f***ing burn victim, I’m going to be so very upset.Leilani: Well, thanks for reminding me to block you. Kind of like unicorn throw-up?Jibran: No, you look the opposite. I can tell.Jibran: You are projecting.Leilani: Oh, okay.Jibran: I think you want to kiss me.Leilani: I want to kiss you?Jibran: You want to kiss me. Straightening, he gave us that old, stupid grin, raising a hand in farewell. F***ing Keith?Leilani: What is your deal with him? I told you we could win The Amazing Race. Move the f*** over! Enjoy reading and share 14 famous quotes about Lovebirds with everyone. Why would you think that?Leilani: Because you post those hot pictures of you and Bobby in bed.Reya: Oh. [after Jibran chooses to take what’s behind the door]Edie: Open the door.Brett: Yep. You’re like f*** E. Cheese. "When we're done with the upir," I growled, "I'll give you that fight you've been wanting. Documentaries are reality. Their chemistry on the internet and on TV is Most Watch able and lovely. Why would you do that?Jibran: Yeah. But I was so obsessed with what everybody else thought, except the one person that I care about the most. But the answers to your questions are going to be my fists.Steve: What?! He’s like a weird environmentalist.Jibran: Is environmentalism weird, or is it absolutely necessary?Leilani: I recycle everything!Jibran: Yeah. I always felt like you could do so much better than me.Leilani: You know, honestly, I feel like I don’t have anything figured out. [after they’ve spent the night together and decide to have breakfast]Jibran: I did. Can I take five minutes off from like bashing myself? [Brett slides the door open and we see the back of a horse]Jibran: Is it going to s**t on me? [reads from their challenge card]Leilani: Okay. I hung out with the crudites table all night, trying to work up the courage to talk to you, because I knew you’d be back.Leilani: Well, I kept going back to the crudite table, trying to get you to notice me.Jibran: I noticed you the moment you walked in the door. [Jibran starts running off; on the phone to the police] Mrs. Hipster: The guy just ran for it. Moustache: Look, I’m sorry I have to kill you guys. No votes so far! They didn’t say anything to each other the entire time.Leilani: You know, I think about them all the time. [four years later; we see Jibran and Leilani fighting]Jibran: You are literally unbelievable! Because I was looking at them like I never want to be that couple, you know, that runs out of stuff to talk about. [after they arrive at Bobby and Reya’s dinner party in order to speak to Keith]Leilani: We actually just took a class before we came here. That’s impossible!Leilani: Figure that s**t out!Jibran: Figure it out. "I didn't know what kind of flowers you like. Two of my exes follow me. She just happens to be African-American, and he just happens to be a person of color as well. With a huge cheer, they carried us down the hill, but they kept us close enough to hold hands. "Here we are, the last night and all, and I can't think of anything to say. You sound like my parents!   I like restaurants.Leilani: You literally spent several hours yesterday writing a negative Yelp review, with your white woman fingers, about that tapas place we went to, and I thought it was pretty tasty.Jibran: It was very salty. Jibran: You did everything.Leilani: No, it was equal.Jibran: You did.Leilani: It was equal! Today we are just going to express failure and success. It was ... fun, while it lasted. [Jibran taps the floor with his hand as Steve is choking him]Leilani: This isn’t Ultimate Fighting, Jibran. You want me to jump in? But then the more I think about them, the more I’m like, maybe they weren’t miserable. You guys are so annoying.Leilani: I am alone in this relationship.Jibran: You watched my movie without asking me!Leilani: Nobody cares about your s**t.Moustache: Stop! It’s protocol. What do you think of The Lovebirds quotes? Marriage and kids. Here’s a little tip. [suddenly a man on a bike crashes into their car windscreen], [after the man they hit rides away on his bike, another man suddenly bangs on their car]Moustache: I need your car!Leilani: What? I told you we could win The Amazing Race. Jibran: That’s not true. And I’m not willing to settle.Jibran: I don’t want to settle, either. He, not likely, ice-boy. You’re not a killer. But I was so obsessed with what everybody else thought, except the one person that I care about the most. Until yesterday, I had seen zero people get murdered.Leilani: That could’ve easily been us. That’s what you want to know. I got to take you to the hospital and have them check you out. Which was scary for us, because we are not guilty. 'Oh, come on!' Suddenly the pavilion was filled with torchlight and campers. Leilani: Wow, you want to kiss me so bad, like with tongue and everything. “Me? We would never hurt anyone. Shares. They didn’t say anything to each other the entire time.Leilani: You know, I think about them all the time. Makes it sound like you're never coming back. Sep 11, 2019 - Explore Nicole Lasak's board "Two Birds", followed by 122 people on Pinterest. Just put it down.Leilani: I do have a shot.Jibran: Why are you arguing with me about this?Leilani: Because you think you’re always right, and you’re wrong about this, okay?Jibran: I’m supposed to listen to someone who’s never held a gun before, and I’m the know it all? [as he agrees to Leilani’s idea of finding out Moustache’s name]Jibran: But if you’re wrong and we spend the rest of our lives on death row, I’m going to be so pi**ed at you.Leilani: That’s fair. I know many of you seeing lots of challenges in your life. But I’m glad we’re together.Leilani: Me too.Jibran: Listen. But…[as a man walking with a dog walks passed them they both start laughing fakely]Jibran: What a sweet baby. Can I take five minutes off from like bashing myself? I’m wearing heels.Jibran: You’re wearing heels. Hipster: And the girl’s name is actually Leilani.Leilani: s**t.[Leilani starts to run off]Mrs. Hipster: Okay, she’s running too now. [referring to Jibran]Mrs. Hipster: He just said he killed him.Jibran: No. You go.Leilani: Me go? You come into this world alone, and you leave this world alone. Leilani: If everybody else is doing it.Red Robe Man: Three! Jibran: Back of the ambulance s*x is pretty freaky, right?Leilani: I am so down.Jibran: Alright, let’s go. Like Jibran? Jibran: Break the glass. Leilani: Jibran, the truth sounds crazy. There were traffic cameras that caught the entire pursuit.Leilani: I can’t believe this. Because I was looking at them like I never want to be that couple, you know, that runs out of stuff to talk about. Leilani: What? And you’re first, Mr. Bing-Bong.Leilani: Take the grease.Jibran: Are you serious? [we then see her putting her number in his phone]Jibran: You’ve made a huge mistake.Leilani: [laughs] I knew it. You just…[Jibran then tries opening the locked door]Leilani: Did you think it was one of those “Men Only” doors? And the answers to our questions better be answers. We have ten minutes to get there.Jibran: I don’t think this is a good idea at all.Leilani: I know you’re scared, Ji. The bigger question is, who the f*** are you?Steve: What are you doing in my f***ing room?Leilani: Um, we’re here…[she slaps him]Steve: Ow! You’re practically a folk hero.Moustache: That was a rhetorical question. Red Robe Man: We have imposters in our ranks.Jibran: Oh, no, imposters. Click on image of Lovebirds quotes to view full size. The only one who’s got your back is you.Leilani: You’re wrong. You can’t tap out! Tom rides a bicycle. Do you mean the heel?Jibran: Yes, the pointy heel part of the shoe will break the glass. "How about 'goodbye'?""Nah." Robin Goodfellow, a family man?   [as they continue to argue]Jibran: Understand what I’m doing for once!Leilani: Be with me on something!Jibran: One, two, three!

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