Of course, nothing’s that simple in the mind of Lamar, and after torching the Grammys, his embers are still popping. Album Rating: 4.5Good review, man, especially given that it's only your third. Section.80 presented Kendrick as a product of the Reagan era, a rebel railing against a world designed to exterminate him. Album Reviews 03/08/2016 Marcus Shriver Kendrick Lamar has developed very quickly to one of the most intelligent and humanely aware persons of our generation. But what strikes you most is the sheer joy present in the sessions, imperfections galore. It’s easy to see the opening of Kendrick’s vault as a cash-in, but there’s an intimacy here that will probably never make it onto any of his future official studio albums. Second is untitled which I would replace with untitled it was wasn't for the soulful beats on it. This may actually be better or just coincidentally match where I'm at as a fan. Reviewed in the United States on May 5, 2020. Something’s Wrong. It's the kind of stuff you'd find out from other artists via their social media detritus—at the end of "untitled 02" he asks who's doing drums, sounding like a bona fide jazz cat complimenting Max Roach's stick work—but Kendrick has a verve for taking giant steps backwards into an era where masters let the music speak for itself. [Explicit], © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. They are the early waxing and waning of a meticulous and devoted team at work. Some of my favorite tracks were Untitled 1, 2, 5 and 7. http://www.highsnobiety.com/2016/03/04/lebron-james-kendrick-lamar-surprise-album/. Its author tempts deeper reading, but his choices and the lack of entry points—no directional song titles, no grand proclamations, no promotion—leaving nothing to deal with but the music. Reviewed in the United States on September 26, 2019. In execution, untitled unmastered. “What did the Indian say?” Anna Wise howls on “untitled 03,” prefacing a verse from Kendrick about investing in property, framed as advice from an indigenous American. The most telling track on untitled unmastered. Reviewed in the United States on January 18, 2017. “Pimp, pimp: hooray!” goes the cheer that reappears throughout the record. Great album must buy. Verified Purchase. Genre: Hip Hop. The free-flowing yet concentrated totality of Kendrick’s method. “untitled 01” is tagged 8/9/14, although Lamar rhymes about how he “made To Pimp A Butterfly for you,” referencing an LP that didn’t come out until nearly a year later. Besides only Kendrick can get away with untitled album and untitled tracks. Album Rating: 3.55.0 classic But before we hit the two-minute mark he’s seeing rapists and murderers, “death faces screaming in agony,” “atheists for suicide/planes falling out the sky/trains jumping off the track.” And this is a jam about uplift. And that’s what he would tell you. That although these sessions may not have made any project, it serves as Kendrick declaring that he can do anything, that he and TDE have no masters. Reviewed in the United States on March 8, 2016. “Get God on the phone!” It almost feels like Dot is playfully talking to himself, transformed as he has into rap’s modern prophet, his prime stretching out over music, threatening to drown other artists plying their trade on the radio, in strip clubs, on SoundCloud, in your headphones. Album Rating: 2.5 | Sound Off"well it's not Little Simz" “untitled 02” is a funereal death march, Kendrick descending into the abyss. He would tell you South Africa provided the tabula rasa, blanking his slate of preconceived notions of blackness and newness. Kendrick continues to amaze with this album. It's classic Kendrick—a reductive-yet-sprawling fever-chill of observations on race and the music industry that mixes stereotype with history and wisdom. "—suggests that Kendrick was having conversations with God about the course of his album a full seven months before TPAB actually arrived.) A lot of Christian imagery with the obvious reminder of human error. It's insightful and uncomfortable, if not outright offensive: Asians are linked to Eastern philosophy, Native Americans to the land, Blacks to lust, whites to greed. “Get Top on the phone” he declares, summoning his benighted label boss before launching into a tongue-tying marathon of a verse that boasts five flows (!) On "untitled 01" he dons his robes as God's servant, talking to the Supreme Being: "[You] told me to use my vocals to save mankind for you/ [Don't] say I didn't try for you, say I didn't ride for you, or tithe for you, or push the club to the side for you." There's little doubt that just about all of these songs are from TPAB sessions—"untitled 03," subtitled with a date of "05.28.2013," had already been performed four months before Butterfly's release, during the the long goodbye of "The Colbert Report" with help from Terrace Martin, Thundercat, Bilal, and Sonnymoon's Anna Wise. The most boring conversation in hip-hop right now is the album versus mixtape debate. The song he's jokingly creating on the back end of "untitled 07" shows up earlier as "untitled 04," and its refrain is "head is the answer/head is the future"—which may or may not be a multiple-entendre about sex, life and spirituality. That jazzman Kamasi Washington and alt-bluesman Thundercat hollowed out the bow of his ship laced with acid jazz and masterful bass as Kendrick decorated with heapings of rhymes and flows. In execution, untitled unmastered. and a blitzkrieg of searing taunts. These numbers are packed with more information and moods than the 35-minute running time suggests. Thought provoking but not as heavy as To Pump A Butterfly. The titular pun is clearly intentional. “The flattery of watching my stock rise/the salary, the compensation tripled my cock size / I run through the stop signs/with no brake fluid, just premium gas” he notes, adding “This is the future/the master mind/until my next album/more power to ya!” It’s followed by the sound of a gunshot – the sound that disappeared Martin, Malcolm, Trayvon and on – and a chillingly orphaned beat (composed, if stories are true, by Swizz Beats and Alicia Keys’ five-year-old son). We’re up to our molars in data-seas of dissonance, and most of us are flipping out, at least a bit. "I made To Pimp a Butterfly for you," raps Kendrick Lamar on the opening cut from untitled unmastered. album that features CeeLo Green and more surprises. Black Emperor F#A# (Infinity) Kendrick inhabits the character effortlessly, from the rationalizations, to the anger, to the glee of willfully becoming what society says he is. untitled unmastered breaks that pattern, allowing its various scenes to be fully rendered, each idea given full life. untitled unmastered., works instead like an addendum to TPAB, extra pieces fleshing out the already ornate, jam-packed album. Folks are laughing, goofing around, and words emerge, about the government and getting pussy and the struggle to keep your head on straight and make something beautiful and life-affirming as if it’s all one thing. Weird... and seems cheap and I wouldn't advise buying from this company. Then it is all the more intense when he tells you on “untitled 05 | 09.21.2014” that the difference between insanity is “father time.” And it is awe-inspiring when the last line on “untitled 07 | 2014-2016” speaks To Pimp a Butterfly’s manic virtuosity into existence.

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