Eddie Guerrero vs. Chris Jericho, Steel Cage Match (non-title): WCW Champion Hollywood Hogan vs. Roddy Piper, WCW United States Title: Curt Hennig vs. Ric Flair, WCW Cruiserweight Title (Belt vs. UNFORGIVEN 2003 (September 21, 2003 – Hershey, PA) Shouldn’t that tell you all you needed to know. Bret Hart and Bob Backlund shambled through a boring submission match, under orders to use virtually nothing except submission holds. The Georgia fans took the spiritual form of their Philly/New York counterparts and booed much of the event, especially when Tommy Dreamer lost suddenly to Daivari. WITH HIS FUCKING FINISHER. And the latter was the main event. TNA! And after all of that nonsense, we got the ridiculous ending with Hart, Yokozuna and Hogan. Maven stalled for almost six minutes in his Intercontinental Title match with Shelton Benjamin, and was then immediately pinned, rendering the entire match pointless. As he took over WCW in 1993, the company only had a handful of PPVs a year, just . The Batista/JBL World title bout ended in a DQ, a hasty change as Hassan was supposed to beat Undertaker and advance to a SummerSlam title match, necessitating JBL’s win after a long, boring match. If you read my previous article, one of the greatest moments in WWE history occured on this night as Edge won his first WWE Championship. WHY IT SUCKED: People who watched it couldn’t help make comparisons to WCW in its decay, given the event’s name. The peak of that hot mess may be WCW's first PPV following the controversial departure of Hulk Hogan, New Blood Rising. The world is better for this show bombing. Lana is trying her heart out, she really is. Randy Anderson, Match, and this is including the t-shirt bullshit, went 1 minute and 29 seconds. So let's countdown the all-time worst wrestling PPVs. Bobby Lashley’s unheralded title win in the Elimination Chamber generated more annoyance from fans who preferred Rob Van Dam or CM Punk. Kevin Nash, who won his first major championship back in 1993, beats the most prolific champion in TNA history. The face of ECW (RVD) was next. 24. ECW original Rob Van Dam goes out next, leaving four Vince McMahon guys to duke it out, ending with Bobby Lashley (after struggling to get out of his pod) defeating a past-his-prime Test and an on-his-way-out-and-much-past-his-prime Big Show to win the ECW title. The seven-on-seven Divas elimination match was full of the clunky wrestling you’d expect from some of the lower-tier entrants, essentially an amateur-hour commercial for Total Divas. Sting punched him right in the face. WWE.com. Not to mention that if he really was in no condition to perform, this was the best the creative team could come up with? Club. You know that funny way Shawn Michaels and other heels crotch themselves on the ropes? It’s the hallmark of badness, a self-parody that left even McMahon speechless at points. It's bad enough to bring a guy in who was having problems when working for the opposition (and believe me I am not defending WWE here because I thought it was wildly irresponsible when they did it as well), but to bring him in when he's facing possible jail time on drug charges? But before we salute the worst of the worst, here are... ten honorable mentions, or ten shows we still recommend you not watch. Triple H made his return after seven months away, beating King Booker in a short match, and getting a way-too-put-on standing ovation from Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. Top 20 Worst Moments in WCW History. Perhaps because of Ambrose’s jettisoning from the show, much of the card suffered from an annoyed vibe that resulted in a lack of heat, even for matches like Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt, and the Intercontinental Battle Royal. Beginning in 1987, the events started airing live on pay-per-view TV while still under the NWA banner. Criteria of what makes a good PPV is different from one person to the next, but honestly, we can probably all point out a truly great or truly awful show when we see it. Ironically it really was the Ultimate Surprise. Too bad most people didn't see it. WrestleMania 13: If Bret and Austin was anything less than the five star match it was, this would easily be on your list. The natural progression was to spin off the group into its own promotion within the main promotion, a strategy that WWE later used with “RAW” and “SmackDown” as differing brands. Two advertised matches, one of which had one of its advertised participants taken out DURING THE SHOW for reasons not fully explained (i.e. Cageside Seats, for Pro Wrestling and MMA fans, Cageside Countdown: Worst Wrestling PPVs Ever. The worst offense of all was the blatant lie Hogan and the WCW had perpetuated to the fans about the "Ultimate Surprise". Scott Steiner, By Michael Weyer Feb … Booker T and Scott Steiner, clearly a makeshift team, beats world class tag team Beer Money. You've gotta love Philly. The Legion of Doom continued their slide into the abyss in their Tag Team title match against a still-gelling New Age Outlaws. Third, booking a big arena and then being forced to give away enough free tickets to actually have people in the building for TV is typically a bad sign. 4. It might even be minus six for all we know. You can imagine they were they fuming when his match with Randy Orton for the vacant gold ended with no winner, thanks to Big Show wiping out both men. But two announcers, one who barely wrestles, the other who isn't a wrestler damnit, get 14 minutes on PPV. The most popular wrestler in the six-man main event (CM Punk) was eliminated first. He is obsessed with the NHL and reading/writing/listening/talking/everything about it. While the event has a rich tradition, its latter days were... varying degrees of awful if we're being honest. Best to Worst - WCW Pay-Per-Views (1997) by wglass-57063 | created - 06 Sep 2017 | updated - 14 Jul 2018 | Public My ranking of WCW Pay-per-views in 1997. No, Geno. What ensued were uninspired gimmick matches, as Erick Rowan failed to entertain with a stack of ring steps, and Kane and Ryback swung chairs to less and less reaction. The CCB reaches millions of people per year and you can be sure you will be read when you post on the CCB. The gentle Alfred Hayes flubbed his lines twice while trying to give away a car to a fan. CM Punk vs. Randy Orton was good, but not great. But here’s the thing: Wrestling is not the place for high-concept experimental shows. REDEEMING QUALITY: The World Championship bout revealed Seth Rollins’ true main event value, and the match itself with Brock Lesnar and John Cena was chaotic and exciting, a potential match-of-the-year. This all led to the new ECW presenting their first PPV show in December 2006, called December to Dismember, and that’s about where the positives ended. This one is basically the go-to answer when wrestling fans are asked what the worst PPV of all-time is, and for good reason. WCW didn't finish in three hours, so most PPV providers gave their viewers the blue screen of death at 11:00...right after they watched the atrocity that was Hulk Hogan-Ultimate Warrior II: Electric Boogaloo. Big E Langston’s Intercontinental title win over Curtis Axel was short and dull, as was Mark Henry’s pointless win over Ryback. And The Rock interfered because reasons, leading to a win on the grandest stage of them all for The Miz because reasons... and Miz gets The People's Elbow from The Rock because, you guessed it, reasons.

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