Super lyricist Talib Kweli and super producer Hi-Tek join forces on a masterwork that underlined the Rawkus era in hip-hop. At this point, it seems like there’s no left turn these guys can’t pull off. List RulesOnly albums that are considered the greatest rap or hip hop albums of all time. For more of our mid-year coverage, check out the Best Albums and Songs Of 2020 Far. It's one of the best hip-hop albums of the 2000s. But rappers have sold plenty of albums since SoundScan started accurately tracking sales in 1991. "Stress: The Extinction Agenda," Organized Konfusion's second album, is more ambitious and exceptionally well written compared to the first. After being derided as hippies, they shifted away from the Daisy Age image of the first album and returned with a poker-face album that retained some of the early zaniness. Kanye's first album, "The College Dropout," was one for the ages. It takes masterful narration to sound off on incarcerated family members with searing humor and then to vacillate into candid lamentations which yearn for their company but the Houston-born MC is an elite storyteller. From my standpoint, the best MCs have always displayed a sturdy balance between art and craft. Truth be told, "The Score" was a huge improvement over the lackluster "Blunted on Reality.". Combine that with Erick and P's laid-back rhymes and you get strictly dopeness. The gritty production comes from now-vintage equipment such as SP-12s and AKAI 2000s . Easy's flair, Ice Cube's mic skill/writing, Ren's raps, and Dre's Production were in top form here and the album would eventually catipult them all to different degrees of success. He’s not making comparisons about his net worth; he’s telling you not to make him pull out some bands “just to show you our pockets is different.” Simply put, he’s the goddamn man, and it’s good news for us all that he doesn’t seem to get tired of saying so. Atlantic, Artist Partner Group, Never Broke Again, Epic, Interscope, CMG, N-Less, Heavy Camp, Boominati/Slaughter Boomin | Republic/Epic. SV's experimentation with neo-soul and quirky raps flung the door open for groups such as Little Brother and Tanya Morgan. Marley Marl supplies the cold beats, DJ Polo provides the cuts, and Kool G Rap attacks every track with the nastiest lisp in the five boroughs. The metatext of all Brockhampton music/content/etc. Released less than eight weeks after Pac's death, the album further eternalized Pac's enigma. La Rock would have approved. – PG, In Chuck Klosterman’s book But What if We’re Wrong? Aside from Eminem, no other rapper has sold more records than Tupac Shakur. A Tribe Called Quest - The Low End Theory On their best album, A Tribe Called Quest (Ali Shaheed, Q-Tip, and Phife Dawg) trafficked in imaginative lyricism laced over jazz-rap layers. With Marley Marl weaving some of the tightest beats of the Golden Era and Biz dropping lung-cracking rhymes, "Goin' Off" affirmed Biz Markie as a certified master of ceremonies. - Trap Muzik You could argue that Trap Muzik was T.I. WIth Organized Noize manning the boards once again, OutKast emerged with a thoroughly enjoyable Southern rap album that rivals its predecessor for greatness.

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